Friday, December 12, 2008

another day in the life

Another day in the life of a product specialist-college student-wonderwoman in training,
another day in my world.
Another day pretending I really give a f---
another day pretending I'm working hard here at my des, when the truth is I spend at least half of my shift reading blogs and news online...
hell today I was even watching videos of laughing babies online (they're adorable :P)
I'm so so ready to go home.... but even then;
I have to clean up, organize, fold laundry, prep the house
A is coming tommorrow :)
I have yet to even start that online class paper, and I have the strongest feeling that I'mma fail that class....
so anyhow,
I'm sitting here in my sad cubicle, texting my BF and bloggging,
eating skittles and drinking SoBe, looking enraptured by work
reservation confirmation numbers and cold fusion errors,
HTML pages, modifications, GDS systems,
live properties, Level 2, pending open tickets,
and the UAT testing I should be doing
while in all honesty I just want to curl up in bed.

I complain so much about being here, but truth be told, it is a blessing.
I have been able to do so much more for my family while being here,
I've been able to keep things afloat if not stable,
and I've had my first taste of the corporate world...
I'm just not motivated enough, I'm not driven.
I'm here because I need to be.
I know that things could be so so much worse. I know that I could be in a worse situation and no other choice but to live with it.... but being here is so depressing!
Please don't think I'm not grateful; I am.
With the economy that way it's going, and all the things I coulda shoulda woulda,
I know that being here is a reason to be inifitly grateful, and I am....
I guess this is the point where I shut and prove how grateful I really am and start working...
oh well.

Here's to another day.