Friday, December 12, 2008

another day in the life

Another day in the life of a product specialist-college student-wonderwoman in training,
another day in my world.
Another day pretending I really give a f---
another day pretending I'm working hard here at my des, when the truth is I spend at least half of my shift reading blogs and news online...
hell today I was even watching videos of laughing babies online (they're adorable :P)
I'm so so ready to go home.... but even then;
I have to clean up, organize, fold laundry, prep the house
A is coming tommorrow :)
I have yet to even start that online class paper, and I have the strongest feeling that I'mma fail that class....
so anyhow,
I'm sitting here in my sad cubicle, texting my BF and bloggging,
eating skittles and drinking SoBe, looking enraptured by work
reservation confirmation numbers and cold fusion errors,
HTML pages, modifications, GDS systems,
live properties, Level 2, pending open tickets,
and the UAT testing I should be doing
while in all honesty I just want to curl up in bed.

I complain so much about being here, but truth be told, it is a blessing.
I have been able to do so much more for my family while being here,
I've been able to keep things afloat if not stable,
and I've had my first taste of the corporate world...
I'm just not motivated enough, I'm not driven.
I'm here because I need to be.
I know that things could be so so much worse. I know that I could be in a worse situation and no other choice but to live with it.... but being here is so depressing!
Please don't think I'm not grateful; I am.
With the economy that way it's going, and all the things I coulda shoulda woulda,
I know that being here is a reason to be inifitly grateful, and I am....
I guess this is the point where I shut and prove how grateful I really am and start working...
oh well.

Here's to another day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Song for a broken heart" - A Static Lullaby

Take this for what it's worth, this song... my smile,

I write to you from hell my song leaving the foot against the gas and the wall that must have said your name,

Weaken you from nothing you can say can stop this now,

Would a noose replace his lips?

Can a song replace a broken heart? can a song replace a broken love? on the beach I remind myself that holding hands is so powerless,

Tonight I don't even have the stars to hold on to... paint this red... her picture will remain unbroken she cries tonight "i fall in love"...

White beach tear away with sand paper tonight I'm not alone... I just wanna get your f**king voice out of my head...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...all the years of hard work...

I know you will understand.... all your years of hard work will pay off, I promise! :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The infinite list of things I've been putting off

(I think I'll need to create my infinite playlist too :P)

-unit 4 DB
-unit 4 Indiv
-unit 5 DB
-unit 5 indiv
-Post on Jezzuka in class blog
-catch up with work (close old tickets, update existing)
-call Vikki about payment for hospital bill
-make appointment with cardiologist
-pay phone bill
-make plans for A's december trip
-investigate flight, stay, things to do in Washington for trip with G
-call DV
-start making Xmas shopping list
-find screen
-file papers in blue box
-to buy:
~shower curtain
~file cabinet
~storage bin
~new xmas tree & ornaments
~black coat
~purple jacket
~item for turtle's "etchd"
~coat rack
~new cam
-See Bridget Jackson: change major at AIU to VisCom
-go to FA and re-package for next quarter
-set date for BC with turtle
-get my nails done

(to be continued... :S)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The life of a nomad

Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate,
And though I oft have passed them by,
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.

-J.R.R. Tolkien

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Standing on the edge of 20

Yet another day of working-ish...
I'm sitting here wondering wtf I'm tryna do with my life...
I see myself busy all the time, but am I really??
I feel like I'm wasting my time. Sometimes I think that by clinging so tightly to the things I have, I'm not giving myself the oportunity to be completly open to the posibilities, to the things that may come my way, if I give them a chance...
Damn... if only we were born with the wisdom we adquire thru all the bumps and bruises we get along the way... wait we do have access to that wisdom! they come in the form of weird, odd-looking creatures... They're called parents... riight... if only they weren't so damn annoying and they stopped nagging!!
I am certainly not appreciating the insight that comes with growing up... this shit is not all it's made up to be... when you are a child, even though you are bossed around, things were way much easier!!
If only we could turn back the clock!

I'm standing on the edges of 2 decades of existance... damn has it been that long?!?
Last night it dawned on my little bro that once i turn 20 I'm no longer a teenager (LMAO)... apparently because I'm no longer going to be a teen, I'm expected to be some sort of genius, and most importantly (and sadly, the most bizzare idea) I'm supposedly a "grown up"... jaja, if he only knew I don't have no damn clue of what I'm doing either!

well, toodles fellow citizens, I got some stuff to do before I get fired for blogging! yikes!

Friday, September 19, 2008


yet another day in the endless wanderings of life and I wonder WTF does it take
after decades of struggle, i still see them in the same place,
i still see them struggling with the same things, the mundane,
daily life driving them insane
and I see me, caught in the center
while they run around me in this vicious circle
I'm wanting out, but I also know they'll lose their balance
if they see me what am i to do?
The sand clock of my life has no rewind button,
and I see the grains slowly slipping by
like silky smooth liquid
I see my days going right before my eyes
It's march, blink, it's june, blink, it's august, and before you know it you're 10 feet under, 20 steps behind
life beat you up before you even got ready and you didnt even realize,
still in a haze, don't even know what hit you, your time is gone, and what did you do?
all these years have past and you have nothing to show for them
nothing but your plain empty hands and this gap in your heart

how do you keep the faith when everything is just so damn hard??
when all you build, you watch fall apart?
when Divine providence does not come down to your aid?
How do you believe?

Days pass and I constantly wonder what does it take
and all I can do is laugh
cause none of us are getting out of this alive.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Ramblings - Love

As humans,
are utterly, unavoidbly condemned
to take one step forward and then two steps back?

Are we genetically flawwed into falling into the same hole,
tripping on the same rock
like a periodic number that can only repeat that last number endlessly?
Are we really plainly that stupid?
to fall for the same things over and over?

Dopamine is commonly associated with the pleasure system of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate a person proactively to perform certain activities. Dopamine is released (particularly in areas such as the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area) by naturally rewarding experiences such as food, sex,[8][9] drugs, and neutral stimuli that become associated with them. This theory is often discussed in terms of drugs such as cocaine, nicotine, and amphetamines, which seem to directly or indirectly lead to an increase of dopamine in these areas, and in relation to neurobiological theories of chemical addiction, arguing that these dopamine pathways are pathologically altered in addicted persons. Recent studies indicate that aggression may also stimulate the release of dopamine in this way.
-Wikipedia article on Dopamine

The human brain releases dopamine when it is in pleasure.
When you have good food, when you acheive something you are proud of,
when you have sex, when you are happy.
Now this substance is also released when you are in love...
and also when you are on drugs.

So let me see if I get this straight:
Love pretty much triggers the same response as a drug on your system.
I dont need to be high on LOVE!!
I got enough shit going on to make me go crazy on a daily basis on my own!

And help me understand:
If Love does the same thing for your brain as drugs do,
can love be addicting?
are we hopelessly vulnerable to become addicted to someone's love?
as to crave that person's affection to a point where nothing else matters?
to make you go against everything you stand for?
is there nothing we can do to stop this wide-spread evil?!?!

I ain't no rocket scientist, but damn, that is some seriously fucked up shit man....

Now, I wonder,
in the hypothtical situation that I'm addicted to love,
particularly someone's love,
for these educational purposes we'll call it " X "
so, in saying that I'm addicted to X's love;
I suppose that I wouldn't possibly be able to get over my addiction to X Love by trying some other crazy compund of love,
something like, say"ZMS Love"; right?
I would only become further addicted to the general drug form,
LOVE itself...
regardless the final compound, the different variety.... so basiclly,
I need to go to rehab? (nooo, Nooo, NOO!)
Shoot, I'm already suffering all the withdrawl syndromes....
all twitchy and scatter-brained...
LOL, as someone told me, I'm all discombabulated (:P)
aw damn, I wasnt supposed to say that, it was originally a hypothetical situation...
oh well... I already admitted into it, what the hell...

So indeed, my only "cure" would just be to avoid it all costs...
indeed, stupid, and pointless
Love is damn near everywhere :/
and don't get me wrong...
for those of you lovebirds out there, by all means, man, I have no dubbs on it
Love all you want...
just keep that damn thing hella far away from me....
I need to get my head straight!!

and this insane craving is seriously NOT helping...

Well folks, I gotta finish up my working-ish day... and try to actually steer the fog that clouds my thoughts to see if I can be a productive citizen and finish my class assignments sometime in this century, hopefully before class on Monday...
-til the next one peoples...
and remember,
Say NO to Drugs!!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Denial 2.1 [The complete version]

For those of you who call me when I'm at work asking WTF is wrong with me (AKA yes you Allanah! tq un tro :] ) here you go...
this is somewhat the full story:

We spent a month arguing...
I felt he didnt care
He felt I was holding back

He was drunk and someone kissed him
He felt guilty so
He said we should take a break, for the sake of both of us
I went completly into shock
He took back what he said about taking a break
I was still hurt
I decided it was worth the effort to try and salvage what was left of what we had

We spent 2 weeks trying to mend things
walking on eggshells
trying to stay on our best behavior

but the truth was that I felt like he just wanted out
and he kept saying that he was sorry and still wanted to be here
yet his words sounded so impassionate and insincere
and to him I seemed so cold and impassive

Eventually we both decided there wasnt much left to do.
so now we're just friends.

He calls every once in a while
I call every once in a while too
cause how do you go from hearing someone's voice everyday
to not at all?

I'm still in denial
I think he might be too, but I dont know that for a fact...

all in all,
our conversations, though somewhat strained,
feel like they once were a loong loong time ago:
like I found my best friend again...
a bittersweet feeling:
the guy I love, but once again can't have

we have spoken about the the whole ordeal
and our friendship has made it easier to be honest to each other
there is still a lot of sorting out to do....

and I dont have to see him to know
the look in his eyes
to hear in my head
all the things that were unsaid
to know
what songs he will tell me to hear
and to see
that he aches just as much as I do.

But Denial it still the dish of the day
I know that at some point I will wake up and ask myself WTF I'm trying to do
but in the meantime
all I need to do is get thru the day
with a smile on my face

♪♫ ... i sit alone watch the clock, trying to collect my thoughts and all I think about is you... believe in me... ♫♪

Friday, September 05, 2008


For over a month, I've been in complete denial.
Mr. Chewie... my once beloved stranger... is now gone.
what can I possibly ever say?
There is so much history in this,
so much weight to the plot...
that there is really not much I can express
It just bottled up inside me,
like my words completly dried up...

so I guess I'll just walk thru this desert
and keep a smile on my face
cause its the only thing I can do
and I still have the memories

Saturday, August 09, 2008


isn't it funny how quickly time passes all on it's own accord?

Being at work, I feel the minutes trickel away slowly, like dripping into the sands of time, más lento que un suero de miel de abeja (jejejeh)

I'm at work, working-ish, just chillin as usual, I;m not complaining, but honestly.... can we please press FWD?!?!

Why does it feel like we're dragging thru the days but once we open our eyes we realize that time is gone,

blink, it's february....

Blink, it's may,

BLINK ... it's august

and what do I have to show for all this time that has passed? nothing at all. =\

i'm feelin kinda helpless...

oh and it's TI time [technological impairment]

I lost my cell... mi motorolla k yo <3<3

I broke the screen on my cam, regalo de mi babes :S (i'm sorry boo... pero pasaron 9 meses sin daño!!!)

My pc crashed... aparently it has some sort of trojan pop up :@

I lost my mp3 player

so yeah... tech impairment... thank god this only happens every once in a while!!!

so yes my friends, as i was saying time.....

as a child it went too fast: we never had enough time to play
as a teen I have seen it last eons and ages and feel like centuries are going by each month we live

and god, do I pray for this to be all over soon...

and looking back it almost seems like the toughest part is over but
there are days that all I see are walls around me... a box that contains me and I just can't get out
days I feel like I'm standing on the edges of a precipice that I long to fall into, slowly relishing the freedom in pseudo-anti-gravity
there are days I see but don't wanna see anything at all, where oblivion would be perfect
days where I can barely say I'm still alive...
and there are the days,
when I feel radiant. When I like to believe I'm the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky,
when I am hopeful and excited and yes, I'm 19.
In the meantime, I remain, gorgeous and gloomy
it's the safest bet, the easiest path, the simplest reasoning
and I swear it's not as complicated as it may seem.
N1, can I walk by your side? you know me well enough to be harmless
I think I might let you hold my hand....

take me away from this chaos I was brought into....
[families are so damn messy... so many ties, toes and prides and egos
and no-one is left unharmed]

Monday, July 21, 2008

Murphy's Plans

As some of you may know, Mr. Chewie, my dear and beloved BF lives in PA and I in GA.
So, considering the fact that we live aproximatly 1000 miles away (yes, i looked it up on Google maps), we don't get really much face-time (which totally sux).

This weekend was the grand mid-year visit for which I had actually PLANNED all kinds of fun, intresting things.
There was the day we'd go to the beach and hangout with my friends, the day we'd go downtown, to Buckhead, and to a couple museums (yes, we're geeky like that), maybe rent Kung-Fu Panda or go to the movies and grab dinner.
There was also the day we'd go to six-flags and go to the pool, go clubbing at night, and somewhere in between all the activities, we'd find some alone-time to hang out.

Turns out, Murphy had his plans for my plans. Not only did Murphy manage to totally mess up my plans, he also found a way to change my time-frames. Murphy, my dear friends, is a bitch.

First off, Chewie missed his flight. He got reassigned though .... for the next day (so there went my plans for day 1). On my way to the airport, I was fumming, to say the least; just dying for my chance to say those marvelous 4 words we all (myself included) hate to hear: I told you so. But once I got the airport, just the sight of him: duffle bag and hat, dimpled grin and honey-colored eyes, was enough to take me away to la-la land; I was utterly speachless and blushing, so happy I had no words, just like the very first time we kissed.... and off we were to our fabulous weekend of great adventures.

My friends managed to change their minds about 50% of our plans 3 hours before, effectively leaving me stranded and then utterly clueless as to where to go to kill the time... so we just watched tv (hey, homer was hilarious and the rules of marraige even more so, but it was the fact that we were kicking back and talking fce to face that made it all amazing).

We didn't go clubbing... or to the beach... or to the pool... or to the movies.
We did however, go tubing on the Chatahoochee river in Helen, GA and having a picnic with my friends, we did go to Buckhead and walk around for a while, and we did get to grab dinner together twice.

Now, let's get into the subject of six-flags.
I, am a daredevil. I love the adrenaline rush and have no fear whatsoever of feeling the blood rushing to my head and screaming my lungs out. I LOVE six-flags.
But, for some strange un-foresited reason, which I believe to have been my own enthusiasm, I completly. and absolutely forgot the fact that Chewie, manly man that he is, suffers from a condition I call Vertigo.
As you can see, this is quite the recepie for disaster.
I was giddy and excited and practically jumping upand down while he was dreading the moment, or, to be more presice, the whole day; at least I saw it that way.
Once we were in, I had a sudden epiphany: he found this whole scheme to be of utter misery; and here was I, happy-go-lucky, to the whole idea of it. My bubble was popped and I was feeling very much miserable at the thought that I dragged him into this. I was crushed.
So we pretty much spent the day in silence, with him constantly asking me if I was ok, and I constantly making some lame excuse: "I'm hungry".... "I'm full"... "I'm tired" ... "I'm sweaty and icky" ... "I'm just thirsty"... and so on.
But we both knew better than that.
He was the one to touch the wound first: He knows me better that I give him credit for, better that I know myself sometimes. He knew exactly where to put his finger and I confess I wasn't exactly trying to reach out.
Ultimately, HE SAYS he had a good time and that he enjoyed the rides we got on. I SAY he bared it thru and is really just trying to by nice. YOU can cast your own opinions.

We didn't go downtown, nor did we see Kung Fu Panda; we didnt go clubbing, nor did we visit the museums; but we did find some very much needed alone time to hang out by the pool at night, and eat burgers and milkshakes at 4 am. Taking walks in the dim-light suburbs in the middle of the night is quite romantic, I must say, until you're laughing so hard you're making dogs bark around the neighborhood (jeje... he's outrageously funny that way :] ).

Today was also chaos. We had left his jeans in one of my friend's cars when we were at the river. We ALSO left his cd case (which he might as well worship) in the car of ANOTHER freind and he was most definetly NOT leaving without it; both of which we managed to retrieve at the very last minute of his stay, causing us a significant delay.
I wanted to go all the way out to the airport with him like I did last time, but reality is a brick that Murphy had hidden up his sleeve, and and tossed at me with maquiavelic premeditation. The delay was so bad that we had to say our goodbyes on a crowded train. A bug hug, a kiss and some whispers were all that I had left once the train pulled away right in front of me, his face indellible in my eyes.
I ended up waiting 20 minutes for the next train and then another 30 minutes for the next bus. I might as well have gone with him to the airport and and come back in time for my bus. Murphy had his way once again.
Needless to say, today work today has been endless. I was late, but then I realized that everyone else was too (not that it's an excuse but these are special cirumstances: I only get a visit every 4 months).
My schedule, once 8am til 4pm, is now 2pm til 10pm... what a misery.... and I'm dying to pick up the phone and hear his voice.
Ultimatly, the weekend seemed longer than what it really was and 2 1/2 days felt more like a week, and as usual we had a ball just because we were together :)
I'm more than eccstatic to have seen Mr. Chewie, live in the flesh, and have had my short share of time....
... and I can't wait til November <3 <3 <3

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Homesick - bittersweet memories

I went to the Juan Luis Guerra & 4-40 concert last night and it was BALLIN!!!
I had an awesome time and, mom, who despite of her faboulous sense of humor never really allows herself to fully enjoy anything; was happier beyond what I could've predicted. She was having fun, and that in turn made enjoy myself soo much more.
-- Calor Urbano opened!! OMGG!!! they were friggin AWESOMEEEE!!! I lubb 'em!!

--A pesar de que estamos en USA, como en todo evento en el que se vea involucrado un dominicano, habian carpas regalando t-shirts, gorras, vociando, poniendo la gente a bailar merengue, rifando disparates, tipical dominican stuff.

--Se notó en grande la brecha cultural. Primero, por la vestimenta: los gringos, excesivamente casuales como siempre, andaban en flip-flops y booty shorts; los latinos, algunos más que otros y especialmente los dominicanos, andaban vestidos como si iban pal Jaragua, mínimo. Almost everyone was dressed up -myself kinda included (I wore a coctail dress ^^)- and of course we were looking down on the informality of your tipical "white people".
Then of course came the fact that our music is contagious and we can't just sit still, oh no. The space between one row of seats and the next is minimal, but you damn well know us latins were paired up dancing with the guy you just met a the concert, or in my case, andaban montando coreografías, kinda like the ones you see the back-up singers doing (I swear, it was my mom's friend, Tia Cecilia, who started doing it, and since mom was doing it.... ;P)

--Me acordé de Dennis un paquetón. (^^) Before the concert started, a group of my uncle's friends were talking about tennis, and of course we landed on the subject of Federer-Nadal games and how great the plays are, how absurd the the ball moves and how Nadal earned his victories against Federer. Dennis, crazy spaniard that he is, is litterally obsessed with the competition and practically worships Nadal. It reminded me soo much of the days when he would explain every intricate detail of every move. :)
Then during the concert, Juan Luis was singing "El niágara en bicicleta" y escuché la frase clave que encaja en nuestro "chiste interno": "Alguien se apiade de mí, grité perdiendo el sentido"
[por cierto, ¿¿Qué tienen en común Nadal, Juan Luis Guerra, Vin Diesel y Tio Teo?? jeje...]

Going to the concert, being surrounded by the scarse amount of dominicans residing in Duluth, GA 's vecinity, seeing my mom laughing and having such a good time, and the random thoughts I constantly had made me terribly home-sick.; and I must say I think this is one of the few times I've felt that way since I left. Please don't get me wrong -I love our tropical little piece of heaven, and would not change my origins, ever- but my experiences while living there were mostly quite sad. I'm not saying all of them were; I have plenty of memories I cherish dearly about my life there.... but here I have what I never could out there: freedom of choice, the ability to fend for myself, a bigger oportunity for college, a better lifestyle, and people who live and believe the same way; and back home, there were so many things going on on so many different levels that I was just about ready to lose my mind.

Today, while once again working-ish, I'm went thru one of my friend's facebook albums from my early high-school and realized there was so much I could've should've would've done if things would have been a bit different.
I also saw pics of my bf (aka Mr. Chewie) with his back-then gf, who happened to be a classmate of mine, whom he started dating a month after he broke up with me (yeah ouch; talk about a slap in the face.... he was known to be quite "da pleya" back in the day... thank GOD THAT stage is over.... and guess what!!!! I won biatchezzz!!!)
The point of this is to state, that I have good memories but I longed for so much and beared so much heart-ache over there that I have no desire to return to that.
I know, I know: it's a whole figgin island and life moves on and I'm in a totally different place and situation... but I still need some more time before I can say I harbor no grudges and resent.
Nontheless... dominicans are quite the characters lemme say. Being out here and NOT having dominican friends to say "chimi, bola, pasao, sancocho, bonche, coro, jevo, pana, dale ahi, k lo k, alante, bolsa y vaina" amongst other words and phrases makes you really apreciate your homeland.
DR de mi corazón... someday, sometime soon, old wounds will heal...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Killing time at the office

I'm slowly dying in this awkard working-ish enviroment:
6 people all in a single office, one oval desk and each with a PC.
I'm the youngest one.
One is reading some news about two cops that were shot.
Two is bidding on some items on Ebay.
Three is watching videos of gay guys on youtube (some weird funny shyt)
Four is listening to music, Ruben Blades, I think (She's colombian)
Five is the only one trying to work with our crappy system that is down and doesnt work more than a minute straight.
And I dear friends have done some research in the wonderful world of google.
The right word for my annoying un-avoidable condition is ORZUELO in spanish, and STYE in english. that bitchy little thing ('>_<)
The article in wikipedia is quite thourough, including a nasty pic that gave me shivers, but, concering my post, these are the most relevant parts:
Los orzuelos suelen aparecer a causa de una debilidad orgánica que produce un descenso de las defensas, lo cual deriva en una proliferación de los gérmenes que tapan las glándulas oculares. Esto produce la blefaritis, una inflamación de las glándulas locales, que es la que produce la formación de orzuelos.
Las debilidades que generan las llamadas congestiones palpebrales (de los párpados) pueden tener un origen general (anemia, gripe, estrés) o bien producirse por motivos locales (miopía, hipermetropía, astigmatismo sin un debido control).
El tratamiento del orzuelo se basa primordialmente en la aplicación en el ojo afectado de paños secos calientes durante diez a quince minutos; tres o cuatro veces por día.
So I guess there is some truth behind myth!!
And soo, I will continue my quest to the cure, but for now the clock struck 4:00 pm...
I'm outta hurrrrrr!


After another set of grueling days at the office and the last not-so-sad, but more happy-to-be-leaving days at the store, we are HERE.
All is good, more or less, more than less I should say...
But why is it that fate finds it hilarious to fuck up other people's lives....when they least expect it? Cause unfortunately, after all my constant hustling back and forth thru my days, I have fallen prey to fate.

Let's get a little dominican here. To el mundo conoce o a visto un pana con un onzuelo (if that's the word for it) ... some weird shit that makes your eyelid swell to the point it looks like you either had a severe allergic reaction to something, or like you got your lights punched out.... yup... I am fortunate enough to bear one of my very own!!
of course, the timing for this was the absolute worse, cuz I'm going to a concert, and my boo is coming out here (and he gets to see me like this after 4 months and a haircut since I last saw him), and I'm going to the beach (I wonder if salt water would make it heal faster?)

Anyway, I was bit with the curiosity of finding out more details about this bizarre condition that causes me eye-stabbing pain, so I did some "investigating" (if you can call it that).
According to my mother, it's kinda like a distant cousin of conjunctivitis, and closely related to cold-sores -which i hate with a PASSION- and that there is nothing that I can do except let it run it's course, and it'll go away on it's own (arrrrg!)

According to my aunt, this is just me having a nervous breakdown because of stress (i say that's BS), and that if (lol, this is ghetto Dominican shyt) if i heat up a spoon on the stove (I'm telling ya, Dominican ghetto) and let it warm up and then place it on my very-painfully-swollen eye and that it'll help it heal a lot sooner and prevent it from swelling even more (I'm not taking chances with that :S)

And then, of course, there's my grandmother's theory, which I personally find hilarious.
She said: -"muchacha eso fue un mal de ojo que te echaron!"
ayyy las famosas supersticiones de las abuelas!!! Mejor aún está la solución a mi problema:
-"Tu lo que tienes que hacer es irte a la iglesia, pásate la misa entera de rodillas y cuando salgas úntate agua bendita y resa un rosario por quien te echó ese mal de ojo, y a los 3 dias eso va a estar sanado"
So not only superstitious, we are also quite religious as well!
I being I, exercising my dominance of 3S (stubborn, selfish and stupid) decided to put ice on it. I mean, when you bump your head and get a swollen bump, you put ice on it, right? Well, aside from giving me brain-freeze, and irritating me quite a bit, it didn't really do much (:\)

Now this is the funny part, which motivates me to say
♫♪"Fate is a cold hearted whore. She loves nothing more than to salt my wounds..." ♫♪
(just for the record, this is the lyrics to an alessana song!! pa k despues no piensen!)
I had to get my pic taken for my ID badge for work (shoot me, pleeease!) NO EXCEPTIONS as I was not-so-politely informed. (._.) damn.
So, terrified of coming out with and awful pic that does me no justice (like the pic on my ID, and my fake ID, and my YMCA card, and my school ID, and any other form of ID), I succumbed into curiosity and went for the warm spoon... and I have to admit it worked a lot better than I thought it would.. jeje.. guess they really weren't that far off from the mark!
I went to work the next day, with my eye, not as swollen as before but still quite visibly affected and turn my face to the side for my pic (You can faintly see my swollen purple-ish eye on the far end though).
So now, that I tried the spoon I'm wondering if it wouldn't be so bad to go to church ... how bad could it possibly be? hmmmmm
Well peeps, I'm back to pretending to work. This is our 2nd week of training and the system is still down so there isn't much to do but to munch on pop-tarts and mess around with the software, but knowing my luck, I don't really think that's a good idea...
but hey, gotta keep face!!
so anyway... that's all folks!! :P

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another day in the life... The going ons

Another day in the life, here we go again
The damned travelclick software isnt working.... so i'm blogging (instead of working... and still "makin dat paper, booboo")

I miss my hair :(
Yeh yeahh i know... You dont have to say "we told you so Jess"
[for those of y'all that didn't know, The model on the cover once has long hair; but she was 3S (Stupid, Selfish and Spitefull)
and chopped it all off herself (yup... that would be me:$)
BUUUUT!! recognizing my 3S syndrome I donated most of it to Locks of Love (a foundation that makes wigs for Cancer patients) so at least I tried to make ammends!
But good news is that it (my hair) is growing quite quickly xD

Ma boiz are goneee (T_T) they're both in DR, visiting my dad and my gramps and unlces and aunts and that whole set of extended family you only see on special days...
I have been bored outta ma minddd... the house is WAAAAY too quiet for anything
and I got no-one to bug and bother and no-one to scream at the tv and eat my dinner
and no-one to say "jessyjessyjessyjessyjessyjessy MIRAAAA!!! mira lo que yo puedo hace en el juego!! (,_,) i miss my chinease boy!!!

Sooo NEXT friday I'll be seeing Mr.Chewie and roaming the city :D
Long distance relationships require a LOT of commitment and dedication
4 months of no face time is the longest I can go... I still need hugs n kisses!!!
but as hard as it can possible get... I wouldnt trade it for the world <3>

so yeahhh... funny... I'm sitting in a conference room with 5 more people and I'm the youngest one here (>_<) so I've been adopted as the baby girl/ office pet/ advice collector here... jeje OHHH wait! i just remembered.... this is like NEWS!! uhm, ok.... let's hit rewind for a bit... so I have been working for the last year and a half at Old Navy, spending my days folding t-shirts and stacking jeans. Then I started working at Sweet Tomatoes as Catering Coordinator, organizing offices lunches and talking to people about what they wanna eat and at what time. Quite some time after, I FINALLLYYY!!! got into college, a whole 2 years after I grad'd from high school in DR and now it became a balancing act: 1 PT morning job, 1 PT night job and being in school PT too. So summer gets here and I've got 7 weeks to just work my butt off... but i DON'T wanna work... I'm hating my jobs, leaving at 8 am and not getting home til 10 (or later!!!) and dealing with Alpharetta's soccer moms carrying endless conversations in which I one have one main word (O_o) for example: -"omiggoshhhh my kids have grown like SO MUCHH!!" -"oh really?" -" yeahh!! and they're like, goin to camp!! and i mean, it's like, they totally need a whole new wardrobe!! -"yeah, really" -"cuz it's like, it's summer!! you know?!" -"yeahh, i really do" and so on and so forth... .... so anyway back to my story

I was bored outta my mind on a sunday night, so I finished updating my resume and then decided to (tan tan taaaaaaaan) post in on Career Builder
yeh yehhh I know, kinda lame, but whatever, at least I'd give it a shot, right?
I applied to 3 jobs, got call backs on 2 and got an offer for a FT position (^_^)!! YAYYY!!
I got hired and I know wear suits and heels all day, feeling like I'm playing dress up :$
and now I sit on my butt all day and get paid... how bout that?!

(its sad how I've just made this whole post when I should've been "working" but the system is down :\ but oh well)

SO nowww I start back into HW on the 21, which is the day Chewie leaves back to Philly, and is also the day I start evening training, and is also the day I get my new books for school
but other than the over-crowded schedule, life is dandy for now, at least til ma boiz get back from DR in august (O_o) and then the back to school comotion begins...

oh wow look at that!! it's past 12:30!! Chow time!!! catch ya latta chumps! =P

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My last cup of Starbucks returned me to sanity

The way I see it #258

Because true conservatives are pessimists, they are happier than liberals, for three reasons. First, pessimists are rarely surprised. Second, when they are wrong they are delighted to be so. Third, pessimists do not put their faith in princes – in government. They understand that happiness is a function of fending for oneself. Happiness is an activity; it is inseparable from the pursuit of happiness.

-- George F. Will
Pulitzer Prize–winning author and columnist

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


On the sudden I am awake,
I am in a roomwith you, -nothing I could ever contain-
under my arm, on my chest.

You are burning with seamless entirety.

For a long second I look at your quiet face the smoothness of the lines that draw out your open eyes.

A moment is all I can hold of you.

In that moment all of you fires to the surface,
every particle shows off it's side, it's bend.

In a moment,
the stillness,
in the warmth of your features, everything I have ever been
-the demons,
all the faces I have worn,
all my ghosts and disguises,
all my armours and gowns,
come out for you and yours for me.

-Pascale Giroux (1967)