Saturday, December 04, 2010

In which the recent developments explode and we're left wondering WTF

so... this post is slightly dramatic, and quite frankly  I don't really care.
In the last 3 weeks the following has occurred in the over-eventful life of Jezz:

My pc crashed days before my project was due... which of course was stored in my pc.
I was able to restore it, but now the tablet functions and the speakers don't work... at all.

My car broke down, and became undrivable... while I was in traffic gridlock... at 8 am... on my way to school... and I was scared out of my wits.
I managed to make it to the repair shop, and then they quoted $547.00 to fix it.
I left the car there for like 2 days.
I went to a junk yard with a few friends, and bought the piece my car needed for $50.
I took th piece to the repair shop, and they started to fix it, but then they said they needed another part.

I went to work... only to find out that ... I no longer have a job.
I should say that I'm upset... but I'm not...
I was HAPPY.
How insane is that? With the economy and the fact that I've got bills to pay... well I have no idea what's gonna happen now, but I am SO! HAPPY! to be gone from that place after 2 1/2 years of that blank void!
But, what really sucks that I found this out AFTER pay $30 in a cab to get to work, since my car was at the shop.... I could use those $30 bucks right about now.

There were some program changes on my degree... and now there are some new required classes, which of course I haven't taken, and then to make matters worse, the one class I was forced to retake this quarter (because I failed it once, and then withdrew from it the time after) is NOT a required class after all, and of course I find this out AFTER I almost committed suicide several times which trying to force myself to do the hw. Yeah. Life's a bitch at times. Now instead of being eligible to graduate from my associates' in January, I'll have to endure another 2 quarters, and then be able to transfer schools by June. Which is fine I suppose. I mean, it's not like I've got other big things to keep me busy at the time, no job and all...

I'd say that is all, but when has Jezz's life not included some romantic life drama? hehe...Besides, I know you wanna know....

SO I went to one of the Dominican Crew's get-togethers.
This was a baaaad idea.
I planned to go in my car, and let mom go in hers... but she parked behind me and basically blocked me until I said I'd go with her... even though I literally begged her to let me drive my car over there... but fuck it, I went with mom.
We got there. Said hello to the usuals...
and then, of course, they were there.
I don't need to elaborate, do I? In case I do, I'll say it. Jacob & PB were there.
I wasn't mentally prepared for that.. . it was like NYE last year, all over again, except this time I looked like crap and she was on point, and I was also sick and tired from all the Other bs I've been dealing with.
I might add that, at this point, after I had a minor panic attack and reemerged from the bathroom with the reddest dace I've ever seen myself have, Mom felt bad, and said that she was sorry. But sorry was kinda late cause I was stuck there for the rest of the night, with no way of being able to leave.
The night went along, I felt kinda left out, but whatever, they disappeared to Pilot's room, and I just ate, and texted the night away.

A few days later, I got a few calls & msgs from the man himself, in which he said "That night totally sucked. I ended up going to Pilot's room & crying all night cuz I missed my dad. I wish I would've talked to you more, you always make me feel better."
uhm... whatever dude.

On some random good notes:
I have, at this point, managed to torrent the missing drivers on my computer, so there is a slight possibility that I *might* be able to get it back to where I miss having it. The computer, that is. Ha. I'm hoping that once I restart it, the drivers will work and I'll be able to listen to music and play PvZ with my pen and kick some zombie ass.

I got my car back, and it's working fine. It makes a weird squeaking noise though.

I have registered for classes again, and thank goodness, I get some graphic design classes (Computer Design II, Fundamentals of Color and VCD Lab Instructions)  mixed in with the missing business ones I've got to take (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Principles of Accounting, if you must know)

I have more free time than I can manage... I'm bored outta my mind! I've cleaned the car, done all the laundry and the housework and done some Xmas shopping with what little I have in savings (yes, I was semi-smart about saving. Thank Goodness!) and been to Borders and Barnes & Noble this week more times than I had in the last 3 months... so... here I am....
I'm hoping that it doesn't snow here, cause that would totally suck, however it seems very likely in the near future. Oh well.

and that, dear friends, are the recent developments in Jezz Land.

love ya's all around.