Thursday, November 06, 2008

The infinite list of things I've been putting off

(I think I'll need to create my infinite playlist too :P)

-unit 4 DB
-unit 4 Indiv
-unit 5 DB
-unit 5 indiv
-Post on Jezzuka in class blog
-catch up with work (close old tickets, update existing)
-call Vikki about payment for hospital bill
-make appointment with cardiologist
-pay phone bill
-make plans for A's december trip
-investigate flight, stay, things to do in Washington for trip with G
-call DV
-start making Xmas shopping list
-find screen
-file papers in blue box
-to buy:
~shower curtain
~file cabinet
~storage bin
~new xmas tree & ornaments
~black coat
~purple jacket
~item for turtle's "etchd"
~coat rack
~new cam
-See Bridget Jackson: change major at AIU to VisCom
-go to FA and re-package for next quarter
-set date for BC with turtle
-get my nails done

(to be continued... :S)

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