Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Minute Disaster- From Auburn to Cherry Cola

So you know how, when you're going somewhere important you usually make an effort at looking good, or at least somewhat better than usual?
Yeah, this time, it happened to back-fire on me. I say it was just trying to damn hard to prove a useless point.

Last Minute Disaster- From Auburn to Cherry Cola

I'm finally, finally, finally going to DR.
My little island, a slice of heaven on earth. With hellish heat to it.
Anyhow, it's been almost 3 1/2 years since I've been over there, and well, I haven't seen any of my friends from back home.
This is interesting.
I had dyed my hair, for the first time ever, right before my 21st bday. It went from a chocolate brown to an auburn brown, and to me, it looked the same.
Except it really didn't.
In an effort for me to really notice the different color, I went lighter... and went for a medium auburn.
This seemed to be half way decent, and you could, in fact tell somewhat the difference in the color. 
I had ambition.
I wanted auburn coppery hair... and well... I decided to dye my hair again.
For the record and in my defense, I HAD to dye my hair because the roots had grown in after 6 weeks of no dying.
Well then, I chose a Light auburn shade, thinking I would end up with my desired shade of red, a la Isla Fisher kinda thing. Or something to that extent.
That was the intention.
Based on the color and the predictions on the box.
That was most certainly NOT what happened on my head.

I waited the time, and then washed it out.
Instead of the usual dirty red water that comes as I washed off the dye, it was a dark brown, almost purple.
I thought this was a rather curious thing. Could it be that I have finally gotten the shade I craved??

Well damn. My hair eventually dried.
And then I panicked.

Now I have a cherry cola kind of red. Think Sharon Osbourne or even worse, (sorry to any who might be offended) Shakira in her red head days.
See, the color isn't really that bad in itself. It's just that they all have pale skin. Ivory. I, however, have olive skin. Golden looking.
Golden skin and fiery red hair do NOT look natural. It's just a plain old no-no.
It's the day before I have to leave and I have a mess going on... FUDGE!
This is some BS!
I gotta go figure something out, cause seriously!

catch y'all laters


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