Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeling like a hypocrite

I'm stuck in a bind, these words on my mind
I lack the right to make a judgement 
I mean, shit, who am I?
I've made my mistakes
but i'd be lying if I say I didn't try
to make ammends, to stop the pretend
to make things better...
I'm not an angel, but I do the best I can
I try my hardest to make the most out of the things that fall in my hands
deal with circumstance and try to understand
believe that there's a ruling order behind everyone's last stance...
But maybe I've met my match
maybe I've gotten what I deserved all along.
Maybe I'm just human and confused and lost and changing
maybe it's just life but maybe I'm just blaming
every thing and one around me in hopes of obtaining
some kind of redemption or some vindication...
I'm not sure I know
if this is a curse or a blessing...
I just know I got a dose of my own medicine.

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