Saturday, August 28, 2010

Primitive Lifestyles- Critical views of civilization.

People interested in the primitive lifestyle, or in a perspective from the mind of this Securo Sapiens as versus agriculturally industrialised automatons should read some essays criticial of civilization. I suggest John Zerzan (Excerpts:)

"The project of subduing nature, begun and carried through by agriculture, has assumed gigantic proportions. The “success” of civilization’s progress, a success earlier humanity never wanted, tastes more and more like ashes. James Serpell summed it up this way: “In short we appear to have reached the end of the line. We cannot expand; we seem unable to intensify production without wreaking further havoc, and the planet is fast becoming a wasteland.”"
-- from 'Agriculture'

"Thus, as Binford (1968) put it, "The question to be asked is not why agriculture...was not developed everywhere, but why it was developed at all." The end of gatherer-hunter life brought a decline in size, stature, and skeletal robusticity (Cohen and Armelagos 1981, Harris and Ross 1981), and introduced tooth decay, nutritional deficiencies, and most infectious diseases (Larsen 1982, Buikstra 1976a, Cohen 1981). "Taken as a overall decline in the quality--and probably the length--of human life," concluded Cohen and Armelagos (1981)."
-- from 'Future Primitive'

"A defining feature of the present world is built-in disaster, now announcing itself on a daily basis. But the crisis facing the biosphere is arguably less noticeable and compelling, in the First World at least, than everyday alienation, despair, and entrapment in a routinized, meaningless control grid."
-- from 'The Modern Anti-World'

"We succumb to objectification and let a web of culture control us and tell us how to live, as if this were a natural development. It is anything but that, and we should be clear about what culture/civilization has in fact given us, and what it has taken away. "
-- from 'Running on Emptiness'

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