Monday, October 04, 2010

The californication of LIFE!

God works wonders.
Things and people leave your life for the best reasons, even when you can't see it.
Believe in Divine intervention.... God doesn't abandon his children.

I feel... empowered.
The thought that I have someone protecting me, in all my madness, is comforting, and empowering.

What's been going on in the life?

My parents are trying to get back together in Spain.
My dad lives in Spain, and my mom wants to move to Spain soon, as soon as she gets her US residency documents.
They're planning on sending my little bro to Spain by the end of the year, and from there, Mom leaving early next year, hopefully with my other brother, the middle kid. He has some loose ends to tie up before he leaves, and the goal is for him to leave soon too.
As for me, well I'm up in the air. I don't exactly want to go. I have student loans here to pay off, and also, I kinda have my life on track here... I'm just not sure if my parents are kinda okay with that idea just yet. o.0

I kinda got into ...another... car accident
In my defense, it was raining, and when I looked before changing lanes, the dude was stopped at the light. seriously, like a split second before I switched lanes.
However, that said, I am aware that I'm the one at fault... and it sucks. On top of that, I got a citation for driving with the wrong license class, and it sucks.... but I don't really have to deal with that until December.... soo....yeah. For right now, I've kinda got to deal with the Insurance company to make sure they deal with the scratch on the other dude's car, and then figure out wth I'm gonna do about the huge dent the driver's door in my car. :/
Nonetheless, both cars are fine and drivable, thank God. I told my mom about it, since I'm on her insurance, and there was the initial shock, followed by the subsequent anger, and then the educational speech on driving. Guess I kinda had that coming. But speaking of cars and driving....

I get to tell my gramps and dad that I'm driving and have a car.
You'd think that, months post-facto, they would've already known... but there are some details there.
I got my car, and then didn't drive it. I didn't tell anyone, other than my parents and a few friends. I got my license, and my mom said that she wasn't ready for me to tell my dad about that just yet cause she isn't sure how he's going to take it... so, we ended up not telling him. However, my little bro slipped and mentioned it to my cousins, who then mentioned it to their parents, who then asked my mom about it. So my mom told my aunt and uncle. The end, right? not.
My aunt then told my grandmother, who didn't know, because my dad was vacationing over at her house at the time. Yikes.
Needless to say, my gramps, a 80+ lady who has a minor case of hypochondria, was not exactly... as thrilled as I was. My mom was kinda pissed my aunt spilled the beans, but then called my grandma and calmed her down. She even managed to throw a compliment or two about me in the mix, and then told me about it. XD
Turns out, my gramps was just worried about the places I'd be going and stuff I'd be doing, to which my mom replied that I'm "mature and level headed and make the right choices"... XD
Which reminds me....

I'm not going to DR for my Bday
On a whim, I decided I'd try to go to DR in November and try to go to a Yanni concert with Ally J.
In theory it was perfect, there were even discounted flights on sale.
However, I didn't get the days off from work :( so no trip to DR.

My gramps are coming to ATL for the Holidays again
Which is totally awesome, cuz this year is their 50th Wedding Anniversary, and we're kinda planning a bit of a party. They're so awesome they got married on Christmas Day. I mean seriously, who does that? lol

But speaking of Christmas and Holidays...

There will be no NYE party this year
Every year for the last 4 years, I've been going to the NYE party hosted by some family friends.... Last year was kind of an awkward one, considering my uhm... circumstances with JWB. However, this year, the usual host has decided to go to Florida for NYE, so as of right now, there will be Xmas/ NYE party. Which, honestly is quite fine by me, considering....

I had a JWB- fall off the wagon moment
So this is like a bad habit I can't break. Whatever, we've known that for a minute.
I had -in a regrettable choice of decision streak- decided to -once again- talk to JWB.
Texts turned to calls, calls went to setting up a lunch date, and well, we ended up hanging out and watching Dexter (the new season started last sunday BTW)
For now, all has been ok, thank goodness... I have this mental reminder that half of what he says is nowhere near true and the other half is meant to seduce me. LOL. As conceited as that may sound... whatever.
I've kinda been busy with other things on my mind to dwell much on this anyway.

Babes got a job! YAAAY!
And the best part is that he's working at this British store...Karen Millen.
owww mai gaaa
I'm already aching for the employee discount for the most amazing LBD's and this leopard print tench coat to DIE for. *_*

Well folks..... I think 'tis all for now....
I gotta finish up some stuff anyways.... so

much love ♥


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