Saturday, August 09, 2008


isn't it funny how quickly time passes all on it's own accord?

Being at work, I feel the minutes trickel away slowly, like dripping into the sands of time, más lento que un suero de miel de abeja (jejejeh)

I'm at work, working-ish, just chillin as usual, I;m not complaining, but honestly.... can we please press FWD?!?!

Why does it feel like we're dragging thru the days but once we open our eyes we realize that time is gone,

blink, it's february....

Blink, it's may,

BLINK ... it's august

and what do I have to show for all this time that has passed? nothing at all. =\

i'm feelin kinda helpless...

oh and it's TI time [technological impairment]

I lost my cell... mi motorolla k yo <3<3

I broke the screen on my cam, regalo de mi babes :S (i'm sorry boo... pero pasaron 9 meses sin daño!!!)

My pc crashed... aparently it has some sort of trojan pop up :@

I lost my mp3 player

so yeah... tech impairment... thank god this only happens every once in a while!!!

so yes my friends, as i was saying time.....

as a child it went too fast: we never had enough time to play
as a teen I have seen it last eons and ages and feel like centuries are going by each month we live

and god, do I pray for this to be all over soon...

and looking back it almost seems like the toughest part is over but
there are days that all I see are walls around me... a box that contains me and I just can't get out
days I feel like I'm standing on the edges of a precipice that I long to fall into, slowly relishing the freedom in pseudo-anti-gravity
there are days I see but don't wanna see anything at all, where oblivion would be perfect
days where I can barely say I'm still alive...
and there are the days,
when I feel radiant. When I like to believe I'm the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky,
when I am hopeful and excited and yes, I'm 19.
In the meantime, I remain, gorgeous and gloomy
it's the safest bet, the easiest path, the simplest reasoning
and I swear it's not as complicated as it may seem.
N1, can I walk by your side? you know me well enough to be harmless
I think I might let you hold my hand....

take me away from this chaos I was brought into....
[families are so damn messy... so many ties, toes and prides and egos
and no-one is left unharmed]

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