Monday, July 21, 2008

Murphy's Plans

As some of you may know, Mr. Chewie, my dear and beloved BF lives in PA and I in GA.
So, considering the fact that we live aproximatly 1000 miles away (yes, i looked it up on Google maps), we don't get really much face-time (which totally sux).

This weekend was the grand mid-year visit for which I had actually PLANNED all kinds of fun, intresting things.
There was the day we'd go to the beach and hangout with my friends, the day we'd go downtown, to Buckhead, and to a couple museums (yes, we're geeky like that), maybe rent Kung-Fu Panda or go to the movies and grab dinner.
There was also the day we'd go to six-flags and go to the pool, go clubbing at night, and somewhere in between all the activities, we'd find some alone-time to hang out.

Turns out, Murphy had his plans for my plans. Not only did Murphy manage to totally mess up my plans, he also found a way to change my time-frames. Murphy, my dear friends, is a bitch.

First off, Chewie missed his flight. He got reassigned though .... for the next day (so there went my plans for day 1). On my way to the airport, I was fumming, to say the least; just dying for my chance to say those marvelous 4 words we all (myself included) hate to hear: I told you so. But once I got the airport, just the sight of him: duffle bag and hat, dimpled grin and honey-colored eyes, was enough to take me away to la-la land; I was utterly speachless and blushing, so happy I had no words, just like the very first time we kissed.... and off we were to our fabulous weekend of great adventures.

My friends managed to change their minds about 50% of our plans 3 hours before, effectively leaving me stranded and then utterly clueless as to where to go to kill the time... so we just watched tv (hey, homer was hilarious and the rules of marraige even more so, but it was the fact that we were kicking back and talking fce to face that made it all amazing).

We didn't go clubbing... or to the beach... or to the pool... or to the movies.
We did however, go tubing on the Chatahoochee river in Helen, GA and having a picnic with my friends, we did go to Buckhead and walk around for a while, and we did get to grab dinner together twice.

Now, let's get into the subject of six-flags.
I, am a daredevil. I love the adrenaline rush and have no fear whatsoever of feeling the blood rushing to my head and screaming my lungs out. I LOVE six-flags.
But, for some strange un-foresited reason, which I believe to have been my own enthusiasm, I completly. and absolutely forgot the fact that Chewie, manly man that he is, suffers from a condition I call Vertigo.
As you can see, this is quite the recepie for disaster.
I was giddy and excited and practically jumping upand down while he was dreading the moment, or, to be more presice, the whole day; at least I saw it that way.
Once we were in, I had a sudden epiphany: he found this whole scheme to be of utter misery; and here was I, happy-go-lucky, to the whole idea of it. My bubble was popped and I was feeling very much miserable at the thought that I dragged him into this. I was crushed.
So we pretty much spent the day in silence, with him constantly asking me if I was ok, and I constantly making some lame excuse: "I'm hungry".... "I'm full"... "I'm tired" ... "I'm sweaty and icky" ... "I'm just thirsty"... and so on.
But we both knew better than that.
He was the one to touch the wound first: He knows me better that I give him credit for, better that I know myself sometimes. He knew exactly where to put his finger and I confess I wasn't exactly trying to reach out.
Ultimately, HE SAYS he had a good time and that he enjoyed the rides we got on. I SAY he bared it thru and is really just trying to by nice. YOU can cast your own opinions.

We didn't go downtown, nor did we see Kung Fu Panda; we didnt go clubbing, nor did we visit the museums; but we did find some very much needed alone time to hang out by the pool at night, and eat burgers and milkshakes at 4 am. Taking walks in the dim-light suburbs in the middle of the night is quite romantic, I must say, until you're laughing so hard you're making dogs bark around the neighborhood (jeje... he's outrageously funny that way :] ).

Today was also chaos. We had left his jeans in one of my friend's cars when we were at the river. We ALSO left his cd case (which he might as well worship) in the car of ANOTHER freind and he was most definetly NOT leaving without it; both of which we managed to retrieve at the very last minute of his stay, causing us a significant delay.
I wanted to go all the way out to the airport with him like I did last time, but reality is a brick that Murphy had hidden up his sleeve, and and tossed at me with maquiavelic premeditation. The delay was so bad that we had to say our goodbyes on a crowded train. A bug hug, a kiss and some whispers were all that I had left once the train pulled away right in front of me, his face indellible in my eyes.
I ended up waiting 20 minutes for the next train and then another 30 minutes for the next bus. I might as well have gone with him to the airport and and come back in time for my bus. Murphy had his way once again.
Needless to say, today work today has been endless. I was late, but then I realized that everyone else was too (not that it's an excuse but these are special cirumstances: I only get a visit every 4 months).
My schedule, once 8am til 4pm, is now 2pm til 10pm... what a misery.... and I'm dying to pick up the phone and hear his voice.
Ultimatly, the weekend seemed longer than what it really was and 2 1/2 days felt more like a week, and as usual we had a ball just because we were together :)
I'm more than eccstatic to have seen Mr. Chewie, live in the flesh, and have had my short share of time....
... and I can't wait til November <3 <3 <3

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  1. duuude!!!
    u didn't tell me he was going to visit so soon!
    i'm glad that u had a nice time despite the inconveniences....! hope ur ok!

    much luv!