Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Standing on the edge of 20

Yet another day of working-ish...
I'm sitting here wondering wtf I'm tryna do with my life...
I see myself busy all the time, but am I really??
I feel like I'm wasting my time. Sometimes I think that by clinging so tightly to the things I have, I'm not giving myself the oportunity to be completly open to the posibilities, to the things that may come my way, if I give them a chance...
Damn... if only we were born with the wisdom we adquire thru all the bumps and bruises we get along the way... wait we do have access to that wisdom! they come in the form of weird, odd-looking creatures... They're called parents... riight... if only they weren't so damn annoying and they stopped nagging!!
I am certainly not appreciating the insight that comes with growing up... this shit is not all it's made up to be... when you are a child, even though you are bossed around, things were way much easier!!
If only we could turn back the clock!

I'm standing on the edges of 2 decades of existance... damn has it been that long?!?
Last night it dawned on my little bro that once i turn 20 I'm no longer a teenager (LMAO)... apparently because I'm no longer going to be a teen, I'm expected to be some sort of genius, and most importantly (and sadly, the most bizzare idea) I'm supposedly a "grown up"... jaja, if he only knew I don't have no damn clue of what I'm doing either!

well, toodles fellow citizens, I got some stuff to do before I get fired for blogging! yikes!

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