Friday, September 19, 2008


yet another day in the endless wanderings of life and I wonder WTF does it take
after decades of struggle, i still see them in the same place,
i still see them struggling with the same things, the mundane,
daily life driving them insane
and I see me, caught in the center
while they run around me in this vicious circle
I'm wanting out, but I also know they'll lose their balance
if they see me what am i to do?
The sand clock of my life has no rewind button,
and I see the grains slowly slipping by
like silky smooth liquid
I see my days going right before my eyes
It's march, blink, it's june, blink, it's august, and before you know it you're 10 feet under, 20 steps behind
life beat you up before you even got ready and you didnt even realize,
still in a haze, don't even know what hit you, your time is gone, and what did you do?
all these years have past and you have nothing to show for them
nothing but your plain empty hands and this gap in your heart

how do you keep the faith when everything is just so damn hard??
when all you build, you watch fall apart?
when Divine providence does not come down to your aid?
How do you believe?

Days pass and I constantly wonder what does it take
and all I can do is laugh
cause none of us are getting out of this alive.

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