Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another day in the life- Version 3.10

Spring has come around and my spirits are higher, I feel a LOT better when waking up, and I'm usually in a better mood.
But today has a store of bad things for me.
My right eye hurts and feels like I'm about to get a stye :( [see my previous post styes, Fate]
My average went from A to B- in PSP111 due to my absences.
I was able to hand in a late paper, and I can also give a speech for some credit, which should help my cause, I suppose.
On the good side, I handed in my Transformational Leadership paper in early, for a change. I was somewhat proud.

I went to Financial Aid... hoping they could help me re-finance my payment plan and then take in my tax information.
Well, no only is my advisor gone, and they lady that did help me pretty much did everything BUT, I was also informed that
1. There is nothing FA can do for me,
2. I need to re-submit my FAFSA,
3. I need to harass my mom to re-submit her FAFSA for me as well, and
4. I have to deal with Student Accounts.

So, now I stroll to Student Accounts, and find out that Khadija, my Student Accounts advisor, is no here anymore... I mean WTF?! I now have deal with Mrs. House, a lady so stuck up she might as well have a stick up her @ss to keep her straightened up. She then informs me that I must first pay off the balance in full before any changes can be made, which is bullshit, cause for the last year, I've been going to Student Accounts and getting my payments re-structured in order to be able to meet all my school deadlines. Great. So now I owe a grand total of $1300 to school, BEFORE I can register for next quarter, which mind you, starts in approximately2 weeks from now... ajaa...
Now here's also the tricky part. I ahve a measly $400 in my back account. Sadly, I got paid last friday, a meager 4 days ago... meaning I have another week and a half before I get any more cash flowing in.
So. I am left with 2 options. I can either dip into my car savings and put that in for my tuition, once again, making my car purchase date left to somewhere in the distant future...NAAAH I DON'T THINK SO!
But it's either that, or Pay what I have now, and then pay my next paycheck in full and then find out a way to scape up another chunk of money for my late registration fee and then wait 'til my ext paycheck in order to get the books I need. Oh, and not eat or go out or break anything for the next 5 weeks... haha.
Ah.. the wonders of college life.
Overall, I think it won't be so bad. I think I can manage it... I'll hoard off the food at home... and I mean, who needs to go out on the quickly dissipating 2 weeks of vacations between semesters?
This is nothing! This is where boys are made men, well in this case girls are made Superwomen :P
I need to get my life together, seriously.
Should I take a second job? I've been considering going back to ON on saturdays, or even Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays as a Logistics agent... I wonder if they're hiring again.

Nonetheless, I'm still gonna take a self-defense class or something next quarter. I need to have something to vent, cause I feel like I'm boxed up and can barely breathe sometimes.
But, truthfully, I actually feel a bit better now, after venting.
I just remembered both of my best friends in this world are coming in 10 days, and will be here for Moral Support. YAY!

Anyhow... I need to get back to work.
Life calls citizens.
Till the next one....
-Peace out

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