Friday, March 13, 2009

New Playlist :)

"Spray Paint & Ink Pens"- Mike Shinoda ft. Lupe Fiasco
"Sugar Sky"- Envyonthecoast
"Come Back to Me" Plain White T's
"New Port Living"- Cute is what we aim for
"Buried Myself Alive"-The Used
"Life is what you make it"- Number1gun
"The Charity of St. Elizabeth"- Sullivan
"The Union" -Taking Back Sunday
"Who I am hates who I've been" - Relient K
"When it started"- The Strokes
"8 minutes to sunrise"-Common ft. Jill Scott

bands to look for:
The Audition
Hidden in Plain View
The Receiving end of Sirens


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  2. definitely digging the common and jill scott song. nice picks!!