Thursday, November 26, 2009


Dearest all!!!
Why Helllooo!!!
Sooo, it's thanksgiving and although I'm working, I can still manage to find a couple things to day, right
I know. I should be with the family n stuff... it really was not my choice, but hey, holiday pay works, right? Yeahh... about that...
I want to mention the things that I AM really TRULY grateful for:
  • My mom- who, despite everything (and there has been plenty) has managed to keep moving forward and keeping a soulful spirit
  • My chinese boy- whom has helped me see the challenges of parenting (even though he's my youngest brother)
  • Dude, my middle brother. Who has helped me realize exactly what I DON'T like in men, and how our family is affected by the changes we've gone through
  • My family -because the world is meaningless without people to share your life with
  • My job- because even when I feel as though I'm sucked into a black hole and I'm never going to see the sunlight- it has kept my family fed and bills paid
  • Cooco Sooz and Babes- because they help me remember that life is not as serious as I unwittingly wrap myself into. Because through thick & thin, they have managed to make me find humor in everything. Because they decided to move across state lines to support my crazy self & be HERE
  • for food. Cuz I'm a fatass and I eat like well, a fatass. So hey.
    Oh and the Good genes cuz they keep me looking good despite my fatass appetite
  • Cell phones cuz we get to reach out to anyone, virtually anywhere; making the world smaller and larger at the same time
  • Anything with chocolate, because it calms me when I'm about to have a meltdown
  • Dreams & vision.
    because they help us transcend who we are and where we came from and empower us to reach for higher standards, deeper values, and help us realize the potential inside each and everyone of us.

Although I didn't get to hang out with the fam and eat consistently all day long, My mom brought me food :) and Jacobwannabe brought me food and hung out with me during my lunch break :D
And I'm going black friday shopping after i gets outta here :P

<3 much love y'all


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