Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Season goodbyes

So it's officially the "HOLIDAY Season" and we're in on Winter break and everyone is happy that the quarter is finally over and yadda yadda yadda.

I'll admit that I've been working really hard and consistently on catching up on my missing hours of sleep, and I've gotten presents for almost everyone in my budget-conscious list and so-far, everything has turned out pretty good.

But as all good things come, they must also leave. My friends, mostly from out of town, have all been going back home :(

Oddly enough, they're managing to meet up in NYC and Atlantic City, and even if I could afford to I can't go... oh well.

Anyhow, the real reason behind me posting this is because I didn't realize that I would miss my friends this much... OOzi, Babes, KK, 'nae, Spitz, Gayman, Corleone, E, Dex, J... all of em!
Sounds weird that I'd miss em that much since I'm usually @ work and it's only gonna be like 3 weeks anyway, right? I know, I know... I'm a softie at heart.

So, after an endless night of packing and cleaning, and then some down time to chill, we were off to say our good byes at the airport.

Everything was going well until, well I had to say goodbye to Babes, ma bestie.
Some unexpected deja vu came through and here we were again, saying good bye as he goes off to Philly and I go back to real life... For a minute I felt kinda like November 07 when he same scenario happened the first time, a lifetime ago.
Old habits die hard I guess?

Idk, I guess we just know who really counts, even when we purposely forget to acknowledge it.

I'm off to work again peoples

catch y'all laters!!

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