Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At work, not working... Retail therapy for cubicle blues!

So I'm at work... haha sad how most of my posts happen here, I practically live here lol.
So anyway, I'm here trying to be a good employee when my mind starts to wander and I remember a dress I've been wanting for a while, but as usual decide to leave for my next paycheck (ohh, the life of a broke college student, lol) and then I accidentally stumbled across the website where it's for sale... and then I accidentally started to look for shoes to go with the dress... so now there's a cute outfit out there in the cyber world that I want and can't have. Bummer.
Anyway, since I'm at work not working, I thought I might as well add the pics and give u guys a look. :D

Yes, there are two sets of shoes. I couldn't make up my mind. I guess it really depends on what's the overall look you're aiming for. I try to keep the outfit itself to a few colors, so I have options when it comes to accessories... but that's really just me.

Dammit! I want these! all of em! Anybody wanna contribute to the the funds and spare a good $300 for the dress, the shoes and the shipping? Hey, at least I asked!

So anyhow, back to work. I still have another hour to go before I can get outta here.
Damn. I just remembered I have an essay due tomorrow. Oh well. Deal with it later.
Catch ya latter chumps.

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