Friday, April 10, 2009

A night with my girls

So Wednesday night we had an impromptu sleepover.
We means, me and my girls: G, Betty and Pao.
I think I have actually yet to mention them on my blog. Ha. Funny.
Well here is a brief description of my GA partners in crime:

G (aka Gema): 20, Ecuadorian, Political Science Major. She's a trip. Funny and astoundingly smart, this girl has a passion for intelligence and wit. She refuses to be anything close to human and embracing emotions. For the longest time ( well most of the almost 2 years I've known her, actually) were strictly forbidden from using the term as friends: We were merely co-workers (yeah that's how we all met, we worked together in ST. Go figure). Mind you were spent most of the summer hanging out and we went to New York together as a group last march, but I guess that didn't really count. So apparently, absence does make the heart grow fonder cause since I've changed jobs last July we haven't seen each other on regular frequency, even thought she lives within a 3 mile radius from my house. And as of yesterday we have all ( Betty, Pao and I) gotten a promotion: we're officially G's friends. Haha. Guess we grew on her. lol.
Ohh and she's friends with my mom, who does happen to be one of her supervisors. Go figure. They'll tell me how great and smart, and open-minded my mom is. Ha. If only she'd apply the same work principles to motherhood!

Pao, Betty, me, and G
Club Groove, NYC

Betty (aka Berta): 22, Mexican. Betty's our older little sister. She has a thing for ketchup. She eats EVERYTHING with ketchup, and it's not in small quantities. She is a little spoiled at times, but always on a good mood. Oh, and she can't pronounce the ch sound. This isn't too bad in English but it's hilarious in Spanish cause she can't even say her hometown's name right: it comes out like Shiwawwah instead of Chihuahua. :D and I crack up when I hear her say mushasho too. But, that said, she's a determined, outgoing one.

JL (my bro), Betty, Pao, G, and I

Pao (aka Paola, Paolation) : 21, Peruvian, Psychology Major. The nickname Paolation came from my mom... and then Pao started calling me Jessication (ughh!). She's the somewhat shier one, but she's the scatter-brained one that has all the random jokes, like "X?!" (the South American version of WTF?!). She and Betty are practically sisters. She has an adorable black lab named Reggie, who I think is kinda crazy but adorable nonetheless. She kept calling me Teffy, her BFF whom isn't quite part of the group because a) she's a UGA student and it all the way out in Athens, b) is a little TOO straight-laced and stuck up for my patience, so c) I don't like her all too much. (Nothing personal Teffy), but now she calls me Erica from time to time, even thought I have no frigging idea of who's Erica. She has the attention span of a 5 year old, but she's fantabulously awesome. And our taste in music is eerily alike.

Betty, Me, G, Pao, Teffy and Ana
Sex & the City movie premiere

Ana (aka AnaMaria): 26-ish (I think!), Colombian, Law school graduate, currently working on her Masters degree in Sweden. This one is an honorary mention. As you already know, my headquarters are in GA, so I don't see much of Ana these days. She was our mentor/mother/older sister/ bad influence/ inspiration/ everything in between. In many ways, she's G's ideal: strong, determined, driven, self-reliant and motivated. She had it all. I guess that's the reason she's in Sweden now, she just keeps moving forward, looking for her next big thing, next great adventure. I gotta say that's one of the things that most inspires me about her, she never lets anything get in the way to what she wants and where she's going. Anyhow, like I said, she's in Sweden, so I guess my next great adventure will be to visit her out there. lol.

Ana and I
Our 1st night @ Opera (Best clubbin night of my life!)

So, back to the original theme on this post.
We had a girl's night in. I hadn't had so much fun in a good while. We were at G's house, which is enormous, and we had too much alcohol, not that we thought that was a bad idea. After several hours of catching up, debating about cultural issues, discussing our regular gripes with parents, boyfriends, ex boyfriends, crushes, school, work, pros and cons of random things, and then dealt with pedicures and being drunk together.
It was a good time, except that I fell asleep in the home theatre room in the basement, and then Pao threw up on the carpet and (druken) Betty told her to take her pants off to clean up the mess and carried her to bed, and somewhere along the line G went upstairs too, and I was left asleep in the home theatre by my lonesome self. We all thought this was hilarious in the morning, but I admit that it was a little eerie when I woke up at 5:30 am wondering wtf happened and where was everybody. Lol. And Pao not remembering what happened to her pants and why she was sleeping in her underwear was priceless. She looked at Betty and said "OMG where are my pants?! I have no pants on!? What the hell?! Golo, where are my pants?!" and Betty just cracked up on her. I swear, her puzzled look was priceless.
Anyhow, that said, I gotta admit that friendship is an interesting thing. No matter how much time passes since the last time I've seen them, we fall back right into place. Feels good to know I have my own little niche in this world, away from the regularity of reality. Lol.

Catch ya laters... yeah, I gotta go and actually work. lol


G, Pao, Ana, Me and Betty

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  1. ahyyy!
    u can't imagine how happy it made me to see that u have great friends over there *cuz yeah... u hadn't mentioned them yet* and that ur not just working ur ass off and getting stressed with ur guyz and what-not. *don't worry... i tend to over-worry for both of us xD* and btw... Jose L. must be HUGE! XD

    i miss u so much!!
    *check out ur mail this week... or i dunno if it's there yet =P*