Tuesday, April 07, 2009

So far in 09...

I'm at home, burning cd's into my pc, bored with life, pondering on the events of last month. Shit is crazy. Life is just crazy all around in 09. (o_0)

  • New Year's- Party at Donna's, going to H.aS.'s house, going to Loca Luna, falling asleep til the next day!, then going home and getting dressed for work... getting to work and falling asleep (LOL)
  • My Valentine's day Date with H.a.S., and my present, and dinner, and Loca Luna with my friends
  • my dad moving to Hamburg,Germany;
  • My relationship with H.aS., and all the issues that came up
  • my parent's incessant drama among themselves,
  • dropping my GPA to 1.37
  • Working with Ms. Shay (my academic advisor) and bringing my GPA back up to 2.67 in a single quarter (I'm going to get it back up to 3.5 by next quarter, just you watch!),
  • longing for warmer days,
  • Ally J announcing she's coming over in June/July,
  • dealing with mom & dad's reaction to my relationship with H.a.S.
  • trying to figure out wtf i'm supposed to be doing
  • dealing with babes and how our relationship changed,
  • finding out about he and CoccoSooz moving out here and going to AIU,
  • H.a.S losing his grandfather,
  • my tax return and having enough money to buy a car :D
  • the tumultous way babes and CoccoSooz arrived in GA, H.a.S and babes actually meeting (akward!) and the rescue mission to Lavonia, GA
  • going thru orientation, getting them (babes and CoccoSooz) set up in their dorms, getting registered for class,
  • changing my routine, going over to their dorms every other day, chilling, hanging out
  • feeling caught between babes and H.a.S., trying to divide my affection and attention between the two,
  • the incident between H.a.S. and babes the night after the club (o_O)
  • deciding that they are NOT going to hang out together, ever
  • trying to balance out my time evenly
  • realizing my life is a friggin mess, and taking time to get myself together slowly,
  • deciding not to buy a car just yet, much to my disdain
  • the Blogger conference in Chicago in June
  • my aunt losing her father,
  • dealing with work and all it's incessant changes,
  • mom reading my blog, and all my drafts and flipping the f! out ( ay yikes... :S)
  • ALLERGY SEASON being back and me being miserable and sleepy,
  • dealing with Dr K and her lisp (rawr), and getting a B on my 1st paper :D (told y'all I'm getting that GPA up)
  • getting bangs on my hair and having everyone tell me I look like a child (wtf?!)
  • convincing mom about me going to Chicago for the blogger conference (after the incident with her reading my drafts)
  • Sabrina, Chris and Joey coming down from NY, trying to fit in and still be nice
Somewhere after the combumction of events that have occurred in the last months, I've managed to get some sort of peace of mind and order...
I still have like a million bzillion things I need to get together, but for now, things look pretty hopeful.
Some things still worry me. I still feel like I'm working with a ticking bomb, and that before I know it everything will blow up in my face, but at least I have my own little version of a support group going on.
I'm a tab jealous that soozi's been here for like 2 weeks and she's hanging out with celebrities? (uhhh wtf b?!) but I know good and damn well that she just manages her way around people like that (lol)
Oh, and work is still a biatch. I admit I'm still there for all the wrong reasons: the money, the schedule flexibility, the hours (even though that's also part of the reason I want to leave), the prestige, oh Lordie!

Anyhow, it is now 1 pm and my sorry bum needs to get ready for work :/
I'd promise to blog more oftern buuuuttt...
Idk what's 09 has in store for me in the next month... I swear I can feel something brewing already...
catch ya latta chumps.

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  1. well... ya gotta admit there's been some pretty good ups and some not-so-good downs but!... it's part of life's attempt of balance...
    i LOVE you!! n i can't wait to meet up with u in julyyy!~