Tuesday, April 13, 2010

okay, okay. I get it.

Dear God:

I get it.

I get the point you're trying to make.

Just help me set up to the plate and make things easier. Please?

I'm headed in the direction you want. Really, I am.
I see where you're coming from. I know that you're trying to prepare me for real life and you're molding me like clay, and you'll be baking me in the oven and glazing me as well...

I understand.

Just give me faith and understanding.

I know we're supposed to go blindly on faith... I'm working on that. Really, I am, Seriously.
It's just that when I understand the direction I can follow all the more easier.

I said a prayer and you are answering. I heard myself repeat the same words I said months before in my prayer today when the proposal came through.
And damn.
I am humbled.
It might sound a little kooky or senseless, but I'm starting to see everything pull together, slowly.
Just like what happened with the car.

You didn't want mom to keep that car anymore, did ya?
I mean, she fixed it once, and it broke down again.
She left it broken and drove around like that and then it pretty much, died on her.
She fixed it again and then the coolant flooded into the car.
She fixed it again, and not a week later, she got into an accident, wrecking it completely.
And even though the car was majorly wrecked, she came out of the car with not a single broken bone or drop of blood shed. NOTHING. Perfectly. My little brother came out of the car bouncing and kicking and trying to make sure mom was ok, not even stopping to think about his little self... he even ran to my uncle's house (3 houses up the street where the accident happened) to get help. I mean, c'mon now.
They say 3rd time lucky, and you know... the 3rd time she fixed it, you decided to take drastic measures.
We go the point. You wanted her to get a new car.
And so she did.

They say that things fall apart so better things can fall together...
I can honestly say that I see why you are tearing down the walls on the life we have right now. I can feel the changes coming and I'm looking forward to them.
I can feel You rearranging things up there, and you know what, I'm ok with that. I'm ok knowing that things will be different. I'm ok, because I know Divine Providence never abandons the faithful.

I'm laughing on the inside because I know that YOU have everything in control, despite my overwhelming desire to find the solution to everything.
But how can I know I need to jump when I can't even see the rock ahead in the path? Everything, everything, EVERYTHING gets to us in DUE time.
Not when I think I'm ready, not when I want to know, not when I feel like making plans... no. You provide answers and solutions at the RIGHT time. When I NEED to know. A la hora de la hora, Dios nunca abandona a sus hijos.
So there ya go.
This is my formal response to your handling of recent events, pranks, sense of humor, character development and plot twists.
God makes a way out of no way and opens doors where there were only walls.
Dale que nos fuimos!

I know that there isn't really much of anything here... but I'll post sometime soon. Probably after the dust settles and my sinuses clear. Love u all. ☺

Catch ya later peeps

-Jezz ♥

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