Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Turning 21 and making plans for a celebration of sorts

I, my dear friends, will be turning 21 this year. Such a wonderful occasion.
I am a loss as to what I should do.

I have 3 options, and so far, I like all 3.
I can...

a) Go to NYC. The city I love. *cue Jay-Z's "New York" featuring Alicia Keys*
b) Go to VEGAS. Shiiit. You only turn 21 once.
c) Buy myself a much needed car.

I explain myself.
a) Go to NYC.
         This one is a no-brainer. There is a little bit of everything in New York. I love the damn city. I love it's grittiness, it's rude people, the endless nights, the constant wtf at everything that can be seen. The bright lights, and the hope and ambition in the air.
b) Go to VEGAS.
         Where do I begin with this? I'm turning the big 21. The official landmark of age. I've grown up in a position where I'm forced to be mature and responsible and leveled all my life... I want to be a little bit reckless, a little bit crazy, a little over the top. I wanna be my age... the FUN part of my age. And quite frankly, Vegas just sounds glamorous and AWESOME.
Now, here's the even better part: I work with hotels. I have access to all the rate discounts on dozens of Vegas hotels. For Pete's sake, I can get a room for 50.00 a night, in the hotel of a world known real estate businessman who has a TV show, and whose last name rhymes with Hump. That said, I'd also be splitting the trip with my fab entourage, yet to be determined if it's 2, 3, 4, or 5, but still I'd be splitting the costs. And I'm turning 21... c'mon now. 21 in Sin City with my entourage in a five star suite. That's one to be remembered

C)Buying the much needed car
        Yes, I am still to this day a pedestrian. Considering I'm in a single parent household, and that I usually end up paying the rent, well, yeah... about that.
I've been meaning to get myself a car, but every time I have the money for it, some emergency or another arises, and well, the car purchase vanishes into thin air. I could take into account the money I'd invest over the next 3 months in my NYC or Vegas trip and stash it away into the realms of the unknown, and most importantly, brainwash myself into believing that I've already spent it, and get a car for my 21st bday and relish in the freedom. But the truth is, it simply feels like, dare I say it, *sigh* the mature and responsible thing to do... and I'm having issues with that part of myself.
Mature and responsible have not made for awesome memories and tons of fun. They have not made for crazy adventures or unbelievable and unpredictable turns of events. I want a little crazy in my life. A little youth and recklessness. Is that too bad or too much to ask for?

Anyhow... If I plan right and limit considerably my spending down to the bare needs, I might be able to go to NYC and get the car... but that is yet to be seen. I keep turning the thought around in my head, and I'm sure that I'll probably settle for stashing the cash and getting the car, but I really wish I could let myself go loose in Vegas and have fun... I really wish I could.

So, what did you do for your 21st? Any regrets?


  1. must i really state the obvious??
    THE CAR!!!!!

  2. hater!!
    I couldgo to Vegas and gtthe car a few months after! >_<
    but yeah, I'll probablygo with the lame idea of getting the car :/