Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What does a feeling sound like?
Like shattering glass,
like a soft lullaby,
like a Russian drum beat,
like halting breaks and a sad lonely violin
playing alone in the darkest night.

Feelings are just emotions overcoming our spirits in such ways
that we are immersed in them, bathed, drenched & drowning in them.
We must all find a way, our own way of learning to live with them and expressing them.
Some use them for good, some for evil.
Some in a constructive and others in a productive way and others in a destructive manner.
But then there are those who use it as a muse, inspiration...
They know and see that the created result is nothing more than the emotion itself,
immortalized & exposed,
ripe for the picking & open for the purging,
in hopes to remove the emotion itself from our insides & cast it out into the world,
like a demon exorsized from our hearts,
looking for a new host to reside in & devour from the inside...

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