Friday, July 11, 2008

Another day in the life... The going ons

Another day in the life, here we go again
The damned travelclick software isnt working.... so i'm blogging (instead of working... and still "makin dat paper, booboo")

I miss my hair :(
Yeh yeahh i know... You dont have to say "we told you so Jess"
[for those of y'all that didn't know, The model on the cover once has long hair; but she was 3S (Stupid, Selfish and Spitefull)
and chopped it all off herself (yup... that would be me:$)
BUUUUT!! recognizing my 3S syndrome I donated most of it to Locks of Love (a foundation that makes wigs for Cancer patients) so at least I tried to make ammends!
But good news is that it (my hair) is growing quite quickly xD

Ma boiz are goneee (T_T) they're both in DR, visiting my dad and my gramps and unlces and aunts and that whole set of extended family you only see on special days...
I have been bored outta ma minddd... the house is WAAAAY too quiet for anything
and I got no-one to bug and bother and no-one to scream at the tv and eat my dinner
and no-one to say "jessyjessyjessyjessyjessyjessy MIRAAAA!!! mira lo que yo puedo hace en el juego!! (,_,) i miss my chinease boy!!!

Sooo NEXT friday I'll be seeing Mr.Chewie and roaming the city :D
Long distance relationships require a LOT of commitment and dedication
4 months of no face time is the longest I can go... I still need hugs n kisses!!!
but as hard as it can possible get... I wouldnt trade it for the world <3>

so yeahhh... funny... I'm sitting in a conference room with 5 more people and I'm the youngest one here (>_<) so I've been adopted as the baby girl/ office pet/ advice collector here... jeje OHHH wait! i just remembered.... this is like NEWS!! uhm, ok.... let's hit rewind for a bit... so I have been working for the last year and a half at Old Navy, spending my days folding t-shirts and stacking jeans. Then I started working at Sweet Tomatoes as Catering Coordinator, organizing offices lunches and talking to people about what they wanna eat and at what time. Quite some time after, I FINALLLYYY!!! got into college, a whole 2 years after I grad'd from high school in DR and now it became a balancing act: 1 PT morning job, 1 PT night job and being in school PT too. So summer gets here and I've got 7 weeks to just work my butt off... but i DON'T wanna work... I'm hating my jobs, leaving at 8 am and not getting home til 10 (or later!!!) and dealing with Alpharetta's soccer moms carrying endless conversations in which I one have one main word (O_o) for example: -"omiggoshhhh my kids have grown like SO MUCHH!!" -"oh really?" -" yeahh!! and they're like, goin to camp!! and i mean, it's like, they totally need a whole new wardrobe!! -"yeah, really" -"cuz it's like, it's summer!! you know?!" -"yeahh, i really do" and so on and so forth... .... so anyway back to my story

I was bored outta my mind on a sunday night, so I finished updating my resume and then decided to (tan tan taaaaaaaan) post in on Career Builder
yeh yehhh I know, kinda lame, but whatever, at least I'd give it a shot, right?
I applied to 3 jobs, got call backs on 2 and got an offer for a FT position (^_^)!! YAYYY!!
I got hired and I know wear suits and heels all day, feeling like I'm playing dress up :$
and now I sit on my butt all day and get paid... how bout that?!

(its sad how I've just made this whole post when I should've been "working" but the system is down :\ but oh well)

SO nowww I start back into HW on the 21, which is the day Chewie leaves back to Philly, and is also the day I start evening training, and is also the day I get my new books for school
but other than the over-crowded schedule, life is dandy for now, at least til ma boiz get back from DR in august (O_o) and then the back to school comotion begins...

oh wow look at that!! it's past 12:30!! Chow time!!! catch ya latta chumps! =P

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