Wednesday, July 16, 2008


After another set of grueling days at the office and the last not-so-sad, but more happy-to-be-leaving days at the store, we are HERE.
All is good, more or less, more than less I should say...
But why is it that fate finds it hilarious to fuck up other people's lives....when they least expect it? Cause unfortunately, after all my constant hustling back and forth thru my days, I have fallen prey to fate.

Let's get a little dominican here. To el mundo conoce o a visto un pana con un onzuelo (if that's the word for it) ... some weird shit that makes your eyelid swell to the point it looks like you either had a severe allergic reaction to something, or like you got your lights punched out.... yup... I am fortunate enough to bear one of my very own!!
of course, the timing for this was the absolute worse, cuz I'm going to a concert, and my boo is coming out here (and he gets to see me like this after 4 months and a haircut since I last saw him), and I'm going to the beach (I wonder if salt water would make it heal faster?)

Anyway, I was bit with the curiosity of finding out more details about this bizarre condition that causes me eye-stabbing pain, so I did some "investigating" (if you can call it that).
According to my mother, it's kinda like a distant cousin of conjunctivitis, and closely related to cold-sores -which i hate with a PASSION- and that there is nothing that I can do except let it run it's course, and it'll go away on it's own (arrrrg!)

According to my aunt, this is just me having a nervous breakdown because of stress (i say that's BS), and that if (lol, this is ghetto Dominican shyt) if i heat up a spoon on the stove (I'm telling ya, Dominican ghetto) and let it warm up and then place it on my very-painfully-swollen eye and that it'll help it heal a lot sooner and prevent it from swelling even more (I'm not taking chances with that :S)

And then, of course, there's my grandmother's theory, which I personally find hilarious.
She said: -"muchacha eso fue un mal de ojo que te echaron!"
ayyy las famosas supersticiones de las abuelas!!! Mejor aún está la solución a mi problema:
-"Tu lo que tienes que hacer es irte a la iglesia, pásate la misa entera de rodillas y cuando salgas úntate agua bendita y resa un rosario por quien te echó ese mal de ojo, y a los 3 dias eso va a estar sanado"
So not only superstitious, we are also quite religious as well!
I being I, exercising my dominance of 3S (stubborn, selfish and stupid) decided to put ice on it. I mean, when you bump your head and get a swollen bump, you put ice on it, right? Well, aside from giving me brain-freeze, and irritating me quite a bit, it didn't really do much (:\)

Now this is the funny part, which motivates me to say
♫♪"Fate is a cold hearted whore. She loves nothing more than to salt my wounds..." ♫♪
(just for the record, this is the lyrics to an alessana song!! pa k despues no piensen!)
I had to get my pic taken for my ID badge for work (shoot me, pleeease!) NO EXCEPTIONS as I was not-so-politely informed. (._.) damn.
So, terrified of coming out with and awful pic that does me no justice (like the pic on my ID, and my fake ID, and my YMCA card, and my school ID, and any other form of ID), I succumbed into curiosity and went for the warm spoon... and I have to admit it worked a lot better than I thought it would.. jeje.. guess they really weren't that far off from the mark!
I went to work the next day, with my eye, not as swollen as before but still quite visibly affected and turn my face to the side for my pic (You can faintly see my swollen purple-ish eye on the far end though).
So now, that I tried the spoon I'm wondering if it wouldn't be so bad to go to church ... how bad could it possibly be? hmmmmm
Well peeps, I'm back to pretending to work. This is our 2nd week of training and the system is still down so there isn't much to do but to munch on pop-tarts and mess around with the software, but knowing my luck, I don't really think that's a good idea...
but hey, gotta keep face!!
so anyway... that's all folks!! :P

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