Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Killing time at the office

I'm slowly dying in this awkard working-ish enviroment:
6 people all in a single office, one oval desk and each with a PC.
I'm the youngest one.
One is reading some news about two cops that were shot.
Two is bidding on some items on Ebay.
Three is watching videos of gay guys on youtube (some weird funny shyt)
Four is listening to music, Ruben Blades, I think (She's colombian)
Five is the only one trying to work with our crappy system that is down and doesnt work more than a minute straight.
And I dear friends have done some research in the wonderful world of google.
The right word for my annoying un-avoidable condition is ORZUELO in spanish, and STYE in english. that bitchy little thing ('>_<)
The article in wikipedia is quite thourough, including a nasty pic that gave me shivers, but, concering my post, these are the most relevant parts:
Los orzuelos suelen aparecer a causa de una debilidad orgánica que produce un descenso de las defensas, lo cual deriva en una proliferación de los gérmenes que tapan las glándulas oculares. Esto produce la blefaritis, una inflamación de las glándulas locales, que es la que produce la formación de orzuelos.
Las debilidades que generan las llamadas congestiones palpebrales (de los párpados) pueden tener un origen general (anemia, gripe, estrés) o bien producirse por motivos locales (miopía, hipermetropía, astigmatismo sin un debido control).
El tratamiento del orzuelo se basa primordialmente en la aplicación en el ojo afectado de paños secos calientes durante diez a quince minutos; tres o cuatro veces por día.
So I guess there is some truth behind myth!!
And soo, I will continue my quest to the cure, but for now the clock struck 4:00 pm...
I'm outta hurrrrrr!

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