Thursday, July 17, 2008

Homesick - bittersweet memories

I went to the Juan Luis Guerra & 4-40 concert last night and it was BALLIN!!!
I had an awesome time and, mom, who despite of her faboulous sense of humor never really allows herself to fully enjoy anything; was happier beyond what I could've predicted. She was having fun, and that in turn made enjoy myself soo much more.
-- Calor Urbano opened!! OMGG!!! they were friggin AWESOMEEEE!!! I lubb 'em!!

--A pesar de que estamos en USA, como en todo evento en el que se vea involucrado un dominicano, habian carpas regalando t-shirts, gorras, vociando, poniendo la gente a bailar merengue, rifando disparates, tipical dominican stuff.

--Se notó en grande la brecha cultural. Primero, por la vestimenta: los gringos, excesivamente casuales como siempre, andaban en flip-flops y booty shorts; los latinos, algunos más que otros y especialmente los dominicanos, andaban vestidos como si iban pal Jaragua, mínimo. Almost everyone was dressed up -myself kinda included (I wore a coctail dress ^^)- and of course we were looking down on the informality of your tipical "white people".
Then of course came the fact that our music is contagious and we can't just sit still, oh no. The space between one row of seats and the next is minimal, but you damn well know us latins were paired up dancing with the guy you just met a the concert, or in my case, andaban montando coreografías, kinda like the ones you see the back-up singers doing (I swear, it was my mom's friend, Tia Cecilia, who started doing it, and since mom was doing it.... ;P)

--Me acordé de Dennis un paquetón. (^^) Before the concert started, a group of my uncle's friends were talking about tennis, and of course we landed on the subject of Federer-Nadal games and how great the plays are, how absurd the the ball moves and how Nadal earned his victories against Federer. Dennis, crazy spaniard that he is, is litterally obsessed with the competition and practically worships Nadal. It reminded me soo much of the days when he would explain every intricate detail of every move. :)
Then during the concert, Juan Luis was singing "El niágara en bicicleta" y escuché la frase clave que encaja en nuestro "chiste interno": "Alguien se apiade de mí, grité perdiendo el sentido"
[por cierto, ¿¿Qué tienen en común Nadal, Juan Luis Guerra, Vin Diesel y Tio Teo?? jeje...]

Going to the concert, being surrounded by the scarse amount of dominicans residing in Duluth, GA 's vecinity, seeing my mom laughing and having such a good time, and the random thoughts I constantly had made me terribly home-sick.; and I must say I think this is one of the few times I've felt that way since I left. Please don't get me wrong -I love our tropical little piece of heaven, and would not change my origins, ever- but my experiences while living there were mostly quite sad. I'm not saying all of them were; I have plenty of memories I cherish dearly about my life there.... but here I have what I never could out there: freedom of choice, the ability to fend for myself, a bigger oportunity for college, a better lifestyle, and people who live and believe the same way; and back home, there were so many things going on on so many different levels that I was just about ready to lose my mind.

Today, while once again working-ish, I'm went thru one of my friend's facebook albums from my early high-school and realized there was so much I could've should've would've done if things would have been a bit different.
I also saw pics of my bf (aka Mr. Chewie) with his back-then gf, who happened to be a classmate of mine, whom he started dating a month after he broke up with me (yeah ouch; talk about a slap in the face.... he was known to be quite "da pleya" back in the day... thank GOD THAT stage is over.... and guess what!!!! I won biatchezzz!!!)
The point of this is to state, that I have good memories but I longed for so much and beared so much heart-ache over there that I have no desire to return to that.
I know, I know: it's a whole figgin island and life moves on and I'm in a totally different place and situation... but I still need some more time before I can say I harbor no grudges and resent.
Nontheless... dominicans are quite the characters lemme say. Being out here and NOT having dominican friends to say "chimi, bola, pasao, sancocho, bonche, coro, jevo, pana, dale ahi, k lo k, alante, bolsa y vaina" amongst other words and phrases makes you really apreciate your homeland.
DR de mi corazón... someday, sometime soon, old wounds will heal...

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