Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I hate Bank of America

I hate Bank of America with a PASSION!

I had a Suntrust account, and I was a happy, law abiding citizen. I made sure I kept my balance straight, had my savings account and paid for my trip to NY, never had a credit card or a loan, just kept things simple. But my mom, tired of having to take me to the bank to cash my check, insistently nagged about how much of a drag it was to take ME somewhere else and that I should open an account with Bank of America, and that it was "the bank of opportunity" and that they were really really nice at the branch near my house.
I, silly, innocent I, as usual, decide to follow mom's advise and sure, go ahead, and open an account with Bank of America. I swear that right now, I have this insane urge to go to the nearest branch and hijack every last cent they have. Those people are trained to scam you, I swear.
I have had a horrible horrible experience with them since the day I opened my account.
I mean, my credit card was maxed out the day after I opened the damn thing. Then it was a fraud charge on my checking, which was reimbursed. Then there was the charge that went through two weeks after I used my card, and of course, I got slapped with an overdraft fee.
Then there was another fraud charge on my checking. Someone withdrew $600 from my checking account. This is school tuition money, that I work 10 hour daily shifts for. Rent money that I give my mom. Food money ( and believe me, never should you ever mess with me and my food!) and most importantly this is what caused me to have to use my credit card myself. I was never refunded those $600, no matter that I called numerous times and spoke to a million bzillion people and had like 5 claim numbers. I kept speaking to reps telling me that this issue was under investigation, that there was an account manager assigned to this and whole lot more baloney. Ultimatly, I got tired of getting the roundabout, went to the Bank and demanded to speak to the Branch Manager, just to find out that since the claim had been "Closed" over a month (which no-one decided to call me and let me know) there was nothing that could be done. Grrrreat.

See, I work in the Customer Service industry myself. I know what it's like when someone calls all frantic about something, so I try to be nice, civilized even. But what good does that do when people take advantage of you? I still decided to be the better citizen and take the high road... God will serve them their justice, I just gotta deal with paying off the pending balance on my credit card and close that damn thing out.
So why is it, that now I have 3 fraudulent charges on my account, all within 6 days and I also have 2 overdraft fees and I now owe the bank $200 that I didn't have to begin with?

So I got charged for a company called A1 Memberships, and here is the funny part. They first charge you $1.97. Then they charge you $2.17, and THEN they charge you $72.21. Please add overdraft fees here as necessary.
The even more messed up part is that they even have a phone number listed on the transaction description. It's 866-200-5473. Google it and see what you get. A listing of people saying they got Fraudulent transactions with the same general description: A1, several charges, $72.21, fraudulent charge.
It's supposedly from some "online source" that sells "Google kits" and that someone found from an add on Facebook. Like, SERIOUSLY?! and then, even more hilarious, the company is based in India, and it's a POS transaction (Point of Sale). Meaning you'd have to be in India and use your card to make the transaction. REALLY MF?! Don't you think I'd have enough money to cover the damn transaction IF and WHEN I was in India? Even more hilarious is the fact that several transactions for the same date were made in GA.
The exact same date.
Only ONE card for the account.
India and Atlanta, GA, within several hours.
In case you need a geography lesson, let me educate you a little: It would take several flights to get there, resulting in a total travel time exceeding 8-10 hours.
Now that all of this has been said, I'm a little cooled down. I'm still very much puzzled on how a single account can get targeted so many damned times within a YEAR!
I also happen to pay for credit protection. Biotches! you ain't protecting nothing when I get charges from India from shyt I didn't even try to buy, in a place I ain't ever been to!!!
So now I get the fantabulous task of once again, dealing with Bank of America Customer Services tomorrow.

"If these are the best days of my life, then someone shoot me now and get it over with already!"
-Jezzuka (2004)

Well chumps, that all for now... I'll keep y'all posted on this drama :/
Wish me patience. They're the ones that are gonna need the luck.
P.S.: If you a story that includes hostages, Bank of America, robbery and an Indian company called A1, it might've been me. haha.

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  1. jessyyy...
    i'm sorry to hear u're going thru such troubles... back here in dr i'm in my second week of college... ALREADY... and i'm stressed and underslept... already.
    but hey
    i'm leaving in 9 weeks! YAYYY! =D
    see ya then grl!
    do u have our itinerary all done? =P
    love yaaa!