Friday, May 29, 2009


I got flowers delivered today! :D

Half the office knew before I did... lol
My supervisor seemed to be thrilled with the fact that someone sent them, I'd say even a little amused; stopping by every few minutes and asking what he tried to make subtle questions about the matter...

anyhow, now they're sitting at my desk :) yay!
and they have brightened my day -despite other matters that came up-

I'm kinda sad that they'll be here by themselves tomorrow though... oh well.
Yes people, this is what my desk looks like, the daily view I get for 10 hours straight.
If you look to the top left, you can see me, all smiles, reflected on the mirror I have there.
on the bottom left, you can see my little monkey, with his cute little tie that reads "I go bananas for you", which was also a gift.
Please excuse my bottle of water in the pic- lol.
And the top frame, my pics, these are the real things, what keep me going not just everyday, but throughout life.

Anyhow folks, it's Friday night and I gots work to do.... so as usual,
catch y'all later punks :P


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