Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday morning [>_<]

It's monday and I'm miserable.
i suppose that lack of sleep and food might have something to do with it, but I don't really know that for a fact.
I just know that I have some sort of killer rage boiling inside me for no fuckin reason.
I didn't go to class today. Has says the warm weather has gotten to my head. I do admit that being from the Carribbean, warm weather does tend to make me lose focus from my priorities. I begged to go on some random great adventure for the day, that would involve me riding shotgun in his car. However, he wasn't quite diggin it, and wanted to email our proffessor. I begged and begged, all to no avail.
After he dragged my ass up the stairs to the 4th floor and then to the 5th floor to get online and start doing some work, Has and I realized that we can't even log into the school network.
I decide to go to Financial Aid and at least TRY to do something productive the class time I'm missing.
I got some good & some bad news from Financial Aid, but overall, nothing that will be particularly helpful at the momment. So I deiceded to try to figure out why I couldn't log into the school network, but of course no-one was there. I tracked down the head of the IT Dept and she changed my password. I was finally able to log in. Somehow, I'm not exactly thrilled nor overwhelmed with the news. *blank stare*
I TRY to start working on the damned assisgnemnt, purposely designed to bore you to death and back before you're even half-way done with the damned essay.
I gave up in record time, 7.52 minutes. ^#@#$ this @#@$#$!
anyhow. I think this has a strong dependency on lack of food and sleep, mainly, most likely completly, the food part.
I'm cranky andnow that I think of it I'm kinda sorry I'm being a meanie to Has.
For whatever it's worth, I decided to actually email the proffessor, like Has dragged me to. *grim half-assed smile that looks like a cross between a confused look and pain*
Anyhow. I need to get me some breakfast before I end up breaking something.

Whomever said that Breakfast is brainfood, Dude you were SO damnned right man!\

Catch y'all later chumps.


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