Sunday, May 10, 2009

Online classes, again

SOo... Maybe I don't hate online classes with such a passion anymore... I'm starting to get the point here.... Plan WAAAAAAAAY ahead, and it won't be too bad. Like Over-study... :S
Anyhow, so remember how I nearly had a fit with my first week's assignments cuz I posted the same paper on both portals and got different similarity scores?
Well, turns out that I got that 100% percent of similarity cuz... I posted on the wrong portal first.
In attempts to avoid people posting the exact same paper, turnitin also compares YOUR paper to OTHER STUDENT'S submitted papers, even if they're not for the same class.. Somehow or another this managed to just slip right over my head :S lol
anyhow, all that said and done, I got an A on the damn things.. haha :P

I gosta get goin, as usual...
-Catcha latta chumps :D

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