Thursday, July 16, 2009

The definition of Trouble

I went on a date recently, with someone I've know for a while.
Long story short, family friends. Or to be more accurate, son of a family friend.
Anyhow. Long story short again, dude has a gf.
Aw Crap.
It's hard to even think straight around him cuz he looks like a beefed up version of Jacob Black, aka Taylor Lautner. Tattoos included.
The guy is a total bad ass, and I don't say that on the lighter sense of the words. He is the very definition of unapologetic, relentless, and un-remorseful.
Now, what makes matters worse is that he has a brilliant mind, hidden under the bad ass-ness he portrays. I swear I could talk to the guy for hours.
So why on earth did I go on a date with an incredible hot guy and then ended up talking about his gf and the issue they have/had?
Beats me, but it makes use of my talents for being a therapist. It would've been a good career choice for me, but I left that up for Ally over at Pix n Flix n Stix.
So one date turned into a second date and then came the day I skipped work and went to Stone Mountain, and then came the day he left on vacation.
The guy is going all over the US, and yet manages time to text me all day. Funny.
I get the impending feeling on doom one feels when you know what you're doing is wrong, but it sounds like soooo much fun, and you decide to do it anyway. And to make matters worse, we keep planning future dates. From six flags, to a rock band party, to sky diving to new years (insert here family friendship, they all usually party together during all major holidays. And yes, we are all Dominican here. lol)

As much fun as I'm having, and as much as I like the guy, what am I supposed to do with the guilty concience I have because of this?! Can I make it just go away???? Please?

guilty and pondering,


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  1. ufff!!
    we've got soooo much to talk about xD!
    a day away!~