Friday, July 31, 2009

Past Poetry

This was written a while ago, about a year and a half. I was still dating babes and I was so confused and lost. I do think, that it's one of my most clear, coherent expressions of how I felt the last few months of our relationship.
Here's to sharing parts of me we never get to see.

Burn the edges of this faded photograph, you know we were never picture perfect.
Pose a minute, try to laugh; could we ever postpone this
cataclysmic demise
that cautiously covers every minute, every precious second of the history we share?

I'm afraid of out growing you, like a t-shirt worn one too many times
I'm afraid of letting up, and facing it all on my own
I'm scared to death of losing you, all I've really ever had

So why do I put my fingers to the flame?
Knowing for certain I'll get burned
I inch closer and closer, and decide to defy some more

The poetic memory of my heart is taken over, occupied
by sentimental things related to everything we've done before
the only one I could ever trust blindly
the only one i could ever adore

Twisted roads
our paths intertwine and mingle,
and at times I am lost as to
where you end and I begin
where you stop and I continue
where we are apart and where we meet.
you & I,
our endless possibilities
and yet I fear the change
my comfort zone is my niche
where everything fits perfectly,
and yet I push my luck,
I test the fire,
I swim dark water against strong currents
remind me
I can't let myself get carried away.

There will be better days ahead
but oh, this darkness looms around me
casting shadows and burdens,
weights on my shoulder that make it impossible for me to walk away
Could I ever give up on the impractical love story we carry?

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  1. i hear you....
    trust me...
    couldn't have described my own situation right now any better than that =/