Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We are not heroes but we are built to last

"We are not heroes, we are not saviors and we will never be exactly what you expect of us... what we are is a fucked up generation of losers built to last and struggle until we win "

Are we all doomed, in some way or another, to be a failure? Are we in all honesty never meant to be up to par, up to level?
We all learn we cannot please everyone. We all come across the realization that we will unequivocally, at some point or another, be a disappointment to someone. Perhaps it will be for something that is beyond our control, perhaps it will be because of sheer selfishness and rebelion against others' judgment; but in all honesty perhaps it is truly because we are only human and we fail.
We are not heroes.
Last week, my co-worker said something I had forgotten:
"You are not Mother fucking Teresa. Learn to live with your limitations and understand that you have to say no at times; and that some of those times it will because you will need to put YOUR needs FIRST"
Well damn. If there's anything more powerful than freedom of choice, it's realization of power. I tend to forget I have both. I'll admit that life has been difficult for a while now, but damn, who would think life would bring us so far? We struggle, we look for more and more reasons to strive for, ways to subsist. We persist in our efforts despite heartaches and disappointments and loneliness and tribulation.
"Nunca es la noche mas oscura que cuando va a amanecer"
- Juan Bosch

This means, Never is the night darker than right before dawn. It goes back to the days I lived in DR and this was my mom's phrase of encouragement of choice. Words will never ever ever suffice to explain why she means THE WORLD and then some to me.
Back to the quote, it's meant to imply that the moment you feel all the walls crumbling down, you see the light... so keep the faith alive folks.
In truth, it's all we really have.

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