Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Me reservo el derecho

Can love truly conquer it all?
I highly doubt it. Call me a skeptic, call me pragmatic... pero amor no quita conocimiento.

El hecho de querer a alguien no quita que esa persona sea un degracio a la franca, y que "por amor" o cualquier bolseria de esas, implique que uno tenga que aguantarle mierda a nadie.
Pardon the language.

What I'm trying to get at is, that even though someone can love you to death and back, and vice versa, it does not mean that said person is the best person out there to be with. Love can only compensate for so much.
You can love me beyond words, love me in ways that are unheard of, love me to the point where you would give your life to me; but that doesn't obliterate everything else.
Like smoking weed.
or being jobless.
And Irresponsible. Immature. Inconsiderate.
Or for being selfish, and deceiving.

Love is a sublime emotion, and it can make us want a helluva lot from the opposite sex; but truth be told, love is not a justification for anyone to put up with someone else's shortcomings whatsoever.

Yo te puedo amar hasta mas no poder, pero simplemente no estar dispuesta a aguantar tu mierda, tus pendjadas, tus excusas, tu vagancia, tu inmadurez. Asi de sencillo. Y el hecho de que no lo aguante no quiere decir que te quiera menos, ni que no tengas el mismo effecto en mi como antes. Tus besos todavia me saben a cielo, tus abrazos me cambian el dia, dormir en tus brazos todavia me llena el alma, y andar contigo me pone a reir y a gozar.
Sin embargo, me reservo el derecho de exigir mas, por que doy mas. Me reservo el derecho de que, si yo puedo esforzarme y "set the bar high and exceed", tu tambien puedes. Yo me reservo el derecho de que, si no eres capaz de dar y desempeñar tanto como yo, decirte que sigas tu camino. No porque no te amo, sino porque simplemente no estamos a la par.
Y no es que eso sea malo tampoco, pero simplemente no es equitativo. Me being ridiculously set on equality between the genders, yo no cojo ese coro de que si fuera un hombre diciendo esto seria mas justo.
Me reservo el derecho de no aguantar mierda por amor a nadie.
I'm just being honest.
I reserve the right to be selective and hope to find someone who can be just as responsible -financially, morally, intellectually, and emotionally- as I am. I'm not saying I'm flawless, nor that I'm perfect. I don't place myself on a pedestal. I simply acknowledge the facts as they are.


  1. dormir en tus brazos?!
    and yes... well said..... u shouldn't have to put up with anyone's crap
    trust me... i know where i'm coming from >.>

  2. when I go over, I usually take a nap. DORMIR. as in strictly sleeping. lol.