Thursday, October 29, 2009

The thought that officially ended dating Jacob Wannabe

Well dearest readers, the day has come!

I have FINALLY! pulled the plug on the Jacob Wannabe saga.
How!?! you ask; what has finally triggered the change?! (I know y'all aren't gonna ask why, cuz if you are ya haven't read a thing on the Jacob Wannabe story)
Anyhow, as I was saying, I finally stumbled upon a though that made me change my whole perspective on the dating-ish whatever it is we're doing:
 "What would my grandmother say if she knew at least parts of the story?"
That changed my mind and my stance on everything about Jacob. See, it goes kinda like this.... My grandmother's favorite saying is Genio y figura hasta la sepultura. Basically, it means you should keep your character and your appearance impeccable to the grave.
Now, at this point in the story, I can't quite say I have... but I can't say I have not been graceful and respectable in the story.
However, I did hangout with him recently, and his actions and his demeanor were the usual, he's just a jerk by nature I suppose. This guy has the audacity to explain his new goal for the year: to completely break all ties to PB by the beginning of December.
Now, I'm being a little stupid here, but even I had to step in and just tell him that:
1) it's really fucked up that he's doing this
2) it's even more fucked up that he's telling me this
3) that he sees this as an accomplishment
4) that hanging out with him altogether makes me lose all faith in the male gender
5) that MAYBE, just MAYBE it would be a helluva lot easier (and faster, I might add) to just simple talk to her about the issue, explain himself and what he's feeling, and toodle-ooo be done with it.

Now, with that said, I came to the conclusion that, if the dude is doing this and telling me, God only knows what he's capable of and more than likely, he'd do the exact same thing to me.
On my way back home, I thought of how I'd explain all of this to my grandmother, and how she'd give me the "I cannot believe you have stooped so low" look, and truth be told, I can't even blame her.
For a 20 year old, I'll admit to having my life together: full time job, full time student, right hand to my single mother and fairy godmother to my little brother (whom I tend to spoil).
So, that said, can someone explain to me WHY the fuck (pardon the language) I'm wasting my time on someone who is quite obviously, rather far from my emotional mindset and independence level.... for pete's sake, he's still even getting an allowance! lol

All of this said, I also realized that being one of a bunch is not something I can live with, because he decided to be honest and explain that right now he's dating 3 different girls, and they are all from different countries, and they're all awesome. Okay dude... glad to know, but not really.

So, I'll keep it classy and keep it moving. There's a helluva lot more people in this world, and quite frankly, I'm starting to realize that sometimes we overlook the ones that really count.

Catch y'all later folks


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