Thursday, August 06, 2009

Another day in the life :)
I'm actually kinda happy today.
Never mind the fact that I have very few hours of sleep behind my eyes, and that I had to come into work at 8am to get some training done (inhumane considering I don't get home til 11 on Wednesdays and then have to do school work, usually until I crack at 2 am), and the fact that I have yet to eat breakfast despite the fact that it's almost 5 pm and I have another 7 hours of work to go.
I am happy. (My mood swings scare the crap outta me sometimes though.)

Jacob wannabe is going to Florida this weekend, so I don't have to deal with the constant struggle of liking him but not letting myself like him too much.

Babes moved out of his dorm, and moved in with one of his friends from Georgia.

Last night's class with Has wasn't bad at. Matter of fact, last night's class wasn't bad at all. Considering it's a math class, and my mathematically impaired brain, and the fact that I understood everything (well, almost everything) was awesome. Austin (another math team mate) and I had some decent conversation in breaks, ranging from his wife and daghter to my brothers and school and of course how awful math is and even some latin american food he's tasted with his wife's cooking.

Next friday is the Incubus concert (YEAH!!!) and I can't wait, since I have tickets to the pit, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE (Loving my life about that :D) and a I'm taking a salsa class is September, which will be kinda fun too, considering my partner is gonna be Jacob wannabe.

My carpel tunnel is back too :/ and to make matters worse, it's also affecting my sketches a bit.
Oh, and now that I remember, I left my sketchbook on campus last night, in the math room. I didn't notice until I was halfway home, at which point, it was pointless to try to get back to campus because it was closed. I called some friends and they told me they'd try to get it today, but I haven't heard any word that it's been secured. That sketch pad has all my sketches for Figure Drawing. As in, hundreds of one minute sketches, dozens of five minute sketches and a couple of ten minute sketches of live models; which of course, I won't be able to re-do. Bummer.
I'm not letting that get to me though.

I'm happy today and bent on enjoying that.
I do have to work though, so I'll catch y'all later :P



  1. Oooh, I'm jealous that you're taking salsa---I've always wanted to take that. Hope your sketch book was recovered---that sucks.

  2. Jacob wannabe and I were kinda embarrassed of being two hispanic people who can't really dance latin music, so we figured it's d be a good idea.
    I've relinquished my hopes of recovering the sketchbook, I;m guessing I'll just coerce some of my friends into posing for me a few hours... just not naked. LOL I hope that'll at least compensate for the class :/