Sunday, August 30, 2009

Effin Raffy

Soozi, has been my best friend for years.
Even though she gets on my nerves sometimes. Even though she can be a self-centered bitch sometimes. Even when she is demanding as fuck. Even when she can literally, be a pain in the ass.

You can say we've been thorough plenty. She living with a foot on a plane, and I just laughing at her random adventures. She being a catalyst for my random escapades, and I being the voice of reason.

And then there is the story of Effin Raffy.
Raffy is one of Babes' best friends. Part of the Club Nintendo entourage (Can you guess why we called them that?!)
Effin Raffy is a cutie. He's got that rock band cute dude look to him, which I think is adorable. Deceptively adorable.
It all started with Raffy and Sooz when we realize he turned a bright shade of red every time she stood next to him. SO we took that as a funny tool, and decided to mess with him. What we didn't foresee was them actually becoming friends and Soozi eventually falling for him.
So they sorta kinda dated, and she was pretty much head over heels. The problem arose when we realized that he just liked her a lot, no love involved.
And then, after sorta dating Soozi for a couple months, he decides to say, hey I've had a gf for a couple years, and I love her.
Sadly, soozi would still sorta date him... until he stood her up to sorta date someone else.
Then end of the effin raffy story. It also ended with Soozi crying her eyes out and eating chocolate ice cream and becoming a hermit for months, and getting drunk and staring at the surf wall, and plenty of midnight conversations.
It's kinda sad to say, but Soozi has never fallen in love ever since. She has dated, she has gone out, and liked plenty of people, but nothing of any serious consequence or involvement.
But, as fate would have it, Raffy came to Miami to visit. And she secretly pleaded with the universe to have him decide to come to GA. Ultimately, he decided to NOT come to GA in favor of hanging out in Miami doing nothing. Soozi has been pretty down since then, and monday we are having an honorary tequila drunk night in order to pay tribute to the new surf wall.
I feel like I'm in High school again. o_O

Falling in love is a complicated issue for a woman. Why is it so?
If we made a collective effort and devoted this much time and mental resources on eradicating some deadly disease, you can certainly believe it'd be long gone by now.

Human nature is confusing and senseless, but I suppose it's safe to say it's eingeineered to ensure the sustainment of the species... Cuz if women didn't fall in love, and men just decided to randomly fuck and women decided to stick to abortions cuz she doesnt want to have a child by some Joe Schmo... well... we'd all be gone before we were really here.

Catch yall laterz

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