Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Diggs at work

Yeah, new offices. **Pics coming soon**
They're ok I suppose.
I'm kinda starting to get tired of this job, and that's something I can't allow myself to do. I see no future growth opportunities, and I specially don't see myself applying the knowledge from my major here. Not a major disappointment, just not uplifting in any way.
The new diggs are further from home. About a 20 minute drive, as opposed to a 10 minute one. I have to admit we've been pretty lucky with our jobs, because they have all been quite near to home.
The thing about the new diggs is that we went from 3 person cube divisions will full walls, to individual cubicles that are divided at seat level. Meaning, literally, transforming into a call center. Major downer for me. I feel as though it was a downgrade for the staff, but hey, maybe that's just me.
The cubicles are also organized by work areas, so I won't be sitting near Carolyn anymore. She'll be sitting, facing me, two rows away. Sad Sad Sad. Big Momma used to scold, laugh, listen and advise me on everything you could think of. At least she'll be a holler away, right?
There is not an ounce of privacy anymore. While on the floor, anybody and everybody is visible. Which is something NOT cool with me at all. This means that I am now going to have to reduce my web surfing and actually WORK -gasp!- lest I risk getting fired, which is kinda not cool.
I do however, have a panoramic view of ... trees. There is a lake in that general direction, but since I'm sitting and there are another 3 rows of cubicles ahead of me, all I see are trees. And the office window of the COO. Great.
The company is now also changing names, and steering towards a more -call center- like appearance and operation, and it's kind of a shame for me. I guess, it's kinda that time again. After a year working at Gap, I was getting tired and depressed, the same thing that's happening now. After a year and a half, I started looking for another job. In the economy we are in, I can't afford to get a lesser-paying job, or to lose the one I have, so it looks like I might be here for a while. That does not, however, undermine the feeling of dread I get nowadays when I have to sit at work and well, work here.
Oh damn.
Anyhow folks, I gotsa get to work. Catch y'all later chumps.

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