Monday, August 31, 2009

Once again talking to Jacob wannabe

Where do I begin with this one?

Much to my dear friend Ally's chagrin, I have continued to talk to Jacob Wannabe.
For those of you who wonder, I did NOT see him at the fam affair.
It's actually a pretty interesting story...
See, he decided to go to Rome, GA to visit PB at her college campus and stay for the weekend.
I got word of this, and decided to go to the family affair, fully knowing he WOULD NOT be there :)
(for the curious ones, I went to Habitat, I went to the pool for a couple hours, and I then went to the fam affair. No, I couldn't settle for just one of the above, I'm an over-achiever lol)
It was fun, hug out with some friends, ate plenty of Dominican food, and desserts, took a pic with an enormous amount of people quite possible twice my age (lol) and showed "the parents" a youtube clip dubbed "Dominican Family Guy" which ensued so much laughter that my mom fell off a chair and couldn't talk for a minute because of it. (yeah, my mom would go and take the cake! lol)
Anyhow, Jacob wannabe was unaware that I knew he would be in Rome. So sunday night, I'm at work, as usual, and we start to chat on FB.
He asks if I went to the fam affair, and how it went. I told him it was pretty cool, and asked him what he did.
He decided to lie and said he was with one of his friends (who in fact, was at the fam affair) and that he chilled on campus. I decided to end the conversation by saying, "Well, I hope you had fun in Rome with PB" and logged off the chat.
This caused him to text me apologizing, and I just called him a douche and told him to STFU, to which he actually listened to.
Two weeks passed, he apologizing by text messages every other day.... and I mean literally, every other day at 9:00 am, waking me up in a friggin panic on my days off from school when I get to sleep in, and sorta kinda begged to see me. lol. I'll admit I enjoyed the attention.
Anyhow, Friday night I found myself bored, and hungry and not in the mood to do much anyway, so when he texted around 10 asking to pick me up from work and offering to buy me midnight Taco Bell (a continuous habit I continue to indulge in, and would not trade for the world), I said heck why not; of course, after debating if I should and discussing possible scenarios that might ensue with CoccoSooz, and having her tell me I need to lay down the law (I know, wtf?!)
Since my office has moved it's location, he got lost in the way, and I had to walk from the main exit to the back one in order for him to find me. I then proceeded to guilt trip him for it too. lol.
Anyhow, we ended up going through the drive thru, and then parking in front of the pool, and eating at the gazebo in front. He actually watched the youtube video that made my mom fall off her chair and laughed so much he choked on his food (lol) and we talked plenty. He remind me that the offer for the Salsa class is still on, and so is the Sky-diving as well. I agreed to doing both, and reminded him that we have yet to go to six flags and get on the rides, so we agreed to go sometime next month and get our money's worth for the season passes we bought two months ago.
He (once again) apologized about the whole lot of drama and BS he seems to drag along with him, and I just told him IDC WTF he decides to do his his gf, xgf, whatever she might be.
He did hug me, but no attempts to cross the line. Yes, the invisible wall between us still exists.
Anyhow, after about an hour of talking, I called it a night and decided to go home. The end.

All in all, even though the guy is a douche and is most certainly not made for any kind of relationship whatsoever, as a friend, he's pretty good. Just like Jacob.

Catch y'all laters!

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