Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Next Saturday


I have an interesting situation to ensue next Saturday. Well, in all honestly it's more like a minor dilemma whether or not to let a situation ensue next Saturday.
See, it's rather simple.
I usually volunteer at Habitat for Humanity on Saturdays. It's actually rather fun. I have skipped a couple days and gone out with my friends instead, and still said I would be at Habitat, just cause it's easier than having to explain where I'm going and with whom, and what I'm going to do, blah blah blah.
I was still planning on going to Habitat next Saturday, you know, nothing major. Then my friends invited me to hang out by the pool, which I was kinda debating over. I would be cool going and making the most of what's left of summer... but then my mom mentioned something that got me thinking.

[Oh the irony. I got interrupted by a text message from Jacob wannabe. well Damn.]

Mom mentioned that next Saturday we've been invited to her friend's house for friend's husband's birthday. It's a family function.
If y'all have read anything about my posts of Jacob wannabe... it's that we met through family friends. The thing next Saturday is going to be precisely at the house we met... at one of his best friend's house. He is more than likely going to be there... possibly with PB.
Me being spiteful as I am, am SO far beyond tempted to show up for an couple hours and then leave... just to see his face when he sees me... and of course the chance to see PB in person (and show off how much BETTER I am) is something I'd hate to miss.

So now I have 3 options:
a) Habitat
b) Pool with friends
c) Family Function

oh damn.
And here goes the irony of everything. I would be interrupted from listening to my new favorite band while typing up this post by a text msg from Jacob wannabe...

I swear I try to be good, and Fate just sets me up and gives me all the reasons and tools to misbehave... Lol.
So what do you guys think I should do and what is the most likely thing I will actually end up doing?

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  1. u shouldn't've been interrupted by a message from a person who shouldn't exist by now... but i'm long past trying to understand why u keep on.... i would of course suggest habitat... and if not... the pool.... then again.... will u take my suggestion? i hope so =/