Monday, January 04, 2010

Part II: 3 people, 2 conversations, and the search for a red dress

After an intense night of bickering with Jacob Wannabe, Pilot intervened and cut off the drama. Little did I expect what he had in store. After the Secret Santa party, I agreed to stay later with the guys and watch a movie. Pilot started to explain why he butted into the conversation, and ended up coming clean about a crush.

Part II: 3 people, 2 conversations, and the search for a red dress

So damn.
Pilot has a crush on me?
[How middle school does that sound?]
After a brief minute of awkward silence in which I'm -as usual- dumbstruck in confusion, he kissed me.
*Please note the wording here.*
And crap... he was a better kisser than I would've though too.
So after another slightly awkward silence, we're in a compromising situation where I'm thinking: There is something SO WRONG in this mess, and he's thinking "I feel like I'm betraying Jacob" and well... there's no undo button in real life.
Well fuck.
Uhm... so yeah. About that.
We keep talking and agree that this is just... uhm... the twilight zone and well... I can't remember anything.
So yeah. The end.
I guess.

The next day, Jacob calls.
To my own surprise, he apologized for the Secret Santa. Uhm... okaaay...
He goes on to mention he really liked his Secret Santa present, and said that it was a size too small. He asked for a gift receipt to which I answered that I put in the bag, and *aw shucks* he must've lost it [haha]. He asks where I bought it, to which I assure him that it must've been Ross, even though I knew it was Target.
So, he goes on to mention that the dominican crew is watching Avatar soon at a 3-D theatre and also having a Star Wars marathon and invited me to come along to both. I said it would be cool hanging out with the guys before the quarter started again Monday, and told him to let me know.
I mean, everyone's going, so it shouldn't be too bad right? Besides, I've been cooped up home all winter break depressed about everything and sketching like a possessed artist in the verge of insanity.

SO at this point, there's another problem boiling over: The red dress.
I had agreed, after being threaten to death by fashion students, to wear a red dress to the NYE party [to which Jacob Wannabe decided he was taking PB as his date] and look like a million bucks... except... well, all the red dresses in the state of GA had disappeared into a big black hole and no-one could find them. I went to 5 malls in search of the damn thing and NADA! no one red dress that did not say "old" or "tacky" on it.
I was forced to make a back up plan in which... well, I wore a black dress.
So black dress shopping I went. And I found one... oh yeah I did.
I found a black dress and then I found a gold necklace and then I found gold shoes and... it was a wrap.
When I tried that black dress... I kid you not... I knew it was the one. The fit was perfect. It even made my butt look big lol. SO yeah. It was pretty much a wrap.

The final issue was work. I work a late shift, so I'm usually in past midnight. The problem ensued that I didn't want to be at work past midnight on NYE. Well duh.
After a month's work of insistence and reluctance, I finally resigned myself with the fact that I wouldn't be able to get there before 12 cuz of work.
Oh well. *sigh*

to be continued...

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